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  • One-Handed Operation: The WBM Smart Multi-Function Wall Socket is a sleek, modern take on the traditional socket, allowing us to charge our devices quickly, and get things done
  • Save Space on Wall: When it comes to saving space on your walls, a multi-function outlet with 2 USB ports is worth-it. Quickly charge phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, and even supply power to home appliances
  • 2 USB Ports: In the era of smart devices, you can easily charge 2 devices through this Wall socket that has 2 USB charging ports for fast charging
  • No Multiple Plugs Needed: No need for additional plugs for charging the devices when you have your very own multi-function AC socket with USB ports
  • Surge Protection: This Power Outlet delivers the safest and highest power for maximum charging and protects against short-circuit, over-current, over-load, and over-voltage issues
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is Our Passion, so we always provide a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


Your Wall is your Creative Control Center! 

Most people are familiar with traditional electrical outlets, but sometimes those options just don't fit the needs of a particular situation. That's where USB wall sockets come in. Allowing you to power your devices without having to find a plug outlet, bringing convenience with smart tech in life. 

With the WBM Smart Multi-functional USB Wall Socket, you can power your smart devices and electronics, making it an accessory for anyone who needs to stay connected and powered up. So, this USB wall socket is the perfect solution when you need an easy way to power your gadgets worry-free and safety.


Tech Simplicity at its Finest  

Create electrical outlets without the addition of clutters to your walls and make your home smart and comfortable. Your power now flows to a center, free from cords, and your home looks good.  With so many features, USB Wall Socket is the perfect way to keep your tech safe and secure! 

The Next Big Thing in Charging Devices – Choose Why? 

  • Enjoy multiple devices simultaneously – just plug them in! Keep your smart devices as well as electronics charged with 2 USB charging ports and an AC socket
  • Charge your devices faster than ever before! Smartphones, tablets, and more - so you're always ready when the action hits
  • High-end PC and stainless steel are practically unconquerable to provide decades of trustworthy performance in both commercial and residential regions. Power supply with no hassle!
  • This USB wall socket is perfect for safely charging your devices on the go, and it's also flame retardant to keep you and your home safe.
  • No more worrying if your device will catch fire when you're out and about when you have a USB wall socket with flame retardant material  


Stay connected wherever you are. With this 2-in-1 USB wall socket, not only can you power your devices with the USB port, but also use it as an AC outlet with the AC spring-loaded socket. The USB port lets you power your device while using the AC socket to power other household electronics. 

You'll find a space to charge your phone in any room in your home where you can plug in the WBM Smart USB wall outlet. The WBM-1 Smart USB charger is handy anywhere from the bedroom to your living room.


A Multi-functional USB Wall Socket is the ideal solution for residential, commercial use, and home, school, office, hotel, and restaurant needs alike. Offering quick and easy access to AC power sources in any room of your home or office, this USB wall socket ensures the smooth operation of electronics and devices requiring electricity. Leave one outlet free so you can power other essentials, like lights and printers.

Always have Power When You Need It! 


How do you keep your devices and appliances safe while connected to the power supply? What’s the solution? The WBM Smart Multi-Functional USB Wall Socket. You'll never have to worry about your devices becoming overworked when running. This unit has undergone several tests to verify the safety of electrical appliances and can be shut unless a polarized two-pronged plug is utilized.

Inside Safety! 

  • Overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-voltage protection 

Outside Safety! 

  • Flame Retardant 


Having a USB wall socket in your home makes it easy to charge your devices without having to search for an outlet. Follow the simple instructions and you are good to charge your devices with ease. 

Connect the wires accordingly as given in the user manual. Make sure the electricity is off during the installation. Keep in mind to avoid installation in a damp environment. The maximum load should not be increased. Plus, avoid misconnection during installation to avoid damage. 

“Going above and beyond in the Future. The WBM Smart Multi-Functional USB Wall Outlet powers your devices and electronics, ensuring electrical safety always.”

See What People Are Saying!

Sabita Rafique


So Far, Too Good! My sister-in-law was less than prepared regarding the electrical outlet behind the cabin cot, so I mounted it with double-sided tape, but it looked better than an ordinary electrical outlet, so I installed a charging station. It's recommended for every setting.

Anam Bilal


Good Replacement of Ordianry USB Wall Outlets. These Multi-Functional USB Wall Socket is great as it can easily replace the ordinary wall outlets. This USB wall plug by WBM Smart provides all the safety protections as well as you can charge 2 devices at the same time.

Raheel emenac


Multiple Safety Protections! I have seen many outlets in the market with no safety protection, but I tried out the WBM Smart Multi-Functional USB Wall Outlet. This outlet guarantees you safety against over-circuit protection, over-votlage protection, short-circuit protection, and overloading protection due to the flame retardant material.

Wajid Ali


No Extra Wiring or Adapters Needed! The Multi-Funtonal USB Wall Plug is good for use, with different outlets, I don’t need any extra wiring or adapter for the USB charging.

Wajid Awan


No More Messed Cords! The USB Wall Outlet is a must-have for any home or office. It's perfect for charging your devices while you're away from a power outlet. The outlet is also great for use in tight spaces, like a closet or near a bed. The USB Wall Outlet is easy to use and comes with a cord wrap so you can keep it neat and organized.

Nasir Ali


USB ports + AC sockets: Good for Use! I figured that it would be convenient to put USB outlets above my desk rather than dealing with individual adapters that would get lost and add an overall cluttered atmosphere. But the USB ports might get blocked if you plug-in the heavy AC or Water Pump Adapter.

Salman shiekh


Best to Use Anywhere in Homes, Offices, & Hotels! I was looking for a USB wall outlet to use in my home office. I was impressed with the size of this outlet and the two USB ports. Installation was easy and it works great in my home office. I would definitely recommend this outlet to others.

Rahat Faisal


Installation is as Simple and Easy! I love this USB Wall Outlet! It's so convenient to have one right by my computer. I don't have to search for an extra power outlet anymore.

Fida Hussain


Not seen anywhere else! This WBM Smart Multi-Functional USB Wall Outlets are the only ones of its kind I haven't seen anywhere else. They're easy to install and take up very little space.

Nabeel Mir


Highly Recommended Product! I set it up for months now and it works great in general, I have used 2 AC outlets and 2 USB sockets at the same time with no problems, absolutely the best product.