WBM Shoe Care Cleaning Scrubber For Sneakers - 100ml

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  • Sumera Asif


    This scrubber is great!! Easy to use to clean my sons sneaker. Works well this is the best shoe care product and you can carry it with you. Keeps your neat appearance in check.

  • Mansoor khan


    I will clean my sneaker with WBM shoe care scrubber. Shoe Scrubber is water-repellent that runs for a longer duration. This cleans my shoes very fast. This is a multipurpose that you I use it on leather jacket, sofa and many other products.

  • Ali raza


    My satisfaction with this order is I thought it was for black shoes, but it is used on sneakers, jacket and many other things. I wear mostly sneaker, so I shared these with brother. It all worked out. These are great for travel.

  • Instant Scrubber: WBM Shoe Care Cleaning Scrubber for Sneakers makes your sneakers and leather products look new and always
  • Shoe Shiner: All the natural and organic ingredients in the Cleaning Scrubber gives your shoes a long-lasting shiny look with no spots dirt spots behind
  • Fast-Action Cleaning: Why makes your shoes look dull at important meetings and gatherings? When you have this Boot Shiner, you have all-in-1 action that brings your shoes back to life.
  • Multi-Use Cleaner: Besides shoe cleaning, this multi-purpose cleaner is also used to clean leather sofa seats, leather jackets, and other leather products as well
  • Water-Repellent: Shoe Scrubber is water-repellent that runs for a longer duration. Get easy shoe cleaning with this scrubber and make your daily routine easy
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


Brings your dull shoes back to life

For your sneakers and other leather products, use our premium WBM Shoe care Cleaning Scrubber to quickly and effectively remove difficult stains. It includes a quick-drying solution that instantly restores the new appearance of your sneakers. This durable tool may be used both at home and on the go and comes in easy-to-handle packaging.


The cleaning scrubber gives your shoes a glossy, long-lasting shine and is comprised of natural and organic materials. The product is quite effective at what it does since your shoes will have an outstanding shine without any residue or stains. Natural and organic components are used to make the scrubber. Our scrubber leaves your shoes with a long-lasting shine despite having no toxins or chemicals. 


Makes your sneakers look new

The water-resistant Shoe Care Scrubber makes sure that your shoes stay sparkling for a long period. If the shoes get dirty during your everyday activities, you can easily restore the shine with a single swipe. The shine lasts for a longer period.


The Scrubber may be used to clean shoes, leather jackets, sofa seats, and other leather objects; the Shoe Care Scrubber is multi functional. The Scrubber’s natural components ensure that it offers your products a long life and makes them robust while maintaining their texture. This is the finest option to rapidly restore the clean appearance of your shoes if need to hurry out of the door and want a shine to them. Without using other brushes or shoe polish, the cleaning scrubber shines on your shoes. When you need to travel, you can carry it with ease. 


Shoe cleaning at home has never been simple because it takes time to apply the polish to the boot and a lot of brushing at the same time. Since we only need to apply a small pressure on the brush and gently brush the shoes for a very brief period, WBM Shoe Cleaning Scrubber has simplified cleaning.