WBM Home Faucet Tap Water Purifier

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  • Removes Contaminants: WBM Home Faucet Tap Water Purifier removes the harmful contaminants such as lead, benzene, chlorine, fluoride, and asbestos while preserving the natural minerals of the water
  • 5 Filtration Stages: Activated carbon filter filters out particulate matter, odor, and taste. The HEPA filter removes dirt, rust, and soil. It provides an additional level of care and safety
  • 3000 L Capacity: This water filter system works for at least 3 months at a time. Save time and cost associated with the purchase of filtered water bottles and enjoy clean drinking water
  • Easy to Use & Install: Easily set up water filters attached to your home tap to make tap water cleaner and better-tasting. Hygiene is easy to handle, so no tools are needed
  • Compatible: Sink water filter fits most ordinary, handheld, or detachable faucets, but does not suit irregular faucets. The ergonomic design gives it a pleasing look
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


Improving the Quality of Living!

A clean and fresh glass of water is right at your fingertips – without having to go out of your way or disturb your routine. With WBM Home Tap Water Filter installed in every home, you'll never have to worry about contaminated water again!

Keep your water clean, tasty, and healthy with our Water Purifier! This device filters out contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, germs, and, bacteria, so you can be sure your drinking water is safe to drink. Plus, its sleek design makes it easy to set up and use – perfect if you're looking for an affordable solution that'll improve your health and quality of life all along.


A Lifesaver When You’re On The Go!

With a compact, portable, and durable design, this filter is perfect for larger families or tight spaces. Not only does it offer effective filtration, but it is also easy to use, making it perfect for on-the-go consumption. This small size is thoughtfully intended to boost the easiness of the user while not compromising its competence. It simply adjusts to any backpack to comfort you throughout the journey.  


Get Hydrated Without The Fuss!

No more nasty chlorine or other chemicals leaching into your drink – just pure, refreshing filtered water ready to go! The Faucet Water Filter removes harmful contaminants including chemicals and heavy metals from tap water leaving you with delicious, refreshing & top-quality water.

  • NO taste & odor, heavy metals, sediment, or microscopic impurities in drinking water.
  • Besides, your health is important to us – so we guarantee that our product meets or exceeds all safety standards set forth by the FDA.


‘High Proficiency Water Purification’

Keep your water & home healthy with our 5-step filtration system! This Water Filtration Assembly includes 5 different layers of distinct purifying agents. The faucet water reaches perfection by going through these layers of 

  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon (Outer Diatom) 
  • Weak Alkaline Balls
  • Mafian-Stone
  • & Chlorine Removal Balls

What’s more? 

– Replacement Filters Are Also Available!

– Mini-sandpaper is provided to scrub the crusted impurities.


A Switch Swipe From Tap To Filtered Water!

This faucet water purifier comes with 2 waterways, one for filtered water and the other for non-filtered. The adjacent valve selects which water hose you need to use at that moment.  So whether you have to do dishes with unfiltered water or wash fruits with filtered clean water – a simple water hose swipe will do the chore!


‘Meets Your Different Needs’

This nifty little device can do it all!  Now you can enjoy crystal clear water without having to lug around a tank and carry gallons of water with you wherever you go! This powerful system has multiple uses so you'll be able to purify your water the way that works best for you.

  • Instantly Purifies Water For Drinking 
  • Best For Facial Cleansing
  • Ideal For Washing Raw Fruits / Vegetables
  • Suitable For Cooking 


‘Tool-Free Fixation’

WBM Home Tap Water Filter installation is a breeze – no tools required! Just unscrew the tap, attach the filter, and screw it back on. That's it – easy as pie. So, save time and money by using this handy little tool in the comfort of your own home – no need for a professional installation!

  • Multiple Joints – 5 different kinds of joints with one universal type.
  • Easy Installation – Comes with a small wrench for fixation. No extra tools are required. 
  • Self-Operated –No power supply needed! Just plug on any tap and use it! 
  • Reliable – You don’t have to undergo any maintenance costs! 

See What People Are Saying!

Muqqadas Aun Abbas


It was quite easy to install. The water tastes better. It is great to cook with. I use it to make ice. Well packaged. I gave it to my Mom as a gift. It was very easy to assemble. My Mom said that the taste of the water is improved. This particular water purifier is decent, performs ok and it's a good price so I recommend this product.

Ayaz Ali Soomro


It was so easy to install the filter. The water tastes perfect and so clean and light. Seems super durable and I could see myself using this forever.

Muhammad Umair arshad


It was smaller than I thought, which actually works, as this was a gift for smaller sink. It's great that you can switch back and forth between filtered and unfiltered water. Overall, it's good.



The water filter came extremely quick It had a lot of pieces but I managed to figure out to install it. This was so easy to use and install. Looking forward to having clean water.

Khawar Zia


Best decision! It was very easy to install, once I figured out how to get the end nozzle off my faucet. I tried it out immediately. The chlorine smell was gone, my water didn't taste like bleach, and it wasn't cloudy. No more purchasing bottled water. This gadget is going to save me so much money! I really like the little knob on it that switches from the tap water (for doing dishes and hand washing) to the purified water (for drinking and cooking). That is a major plus! All in all, a great product!

Jia Ali


The WBM Home Purifier for the tap is by far the best purchase I have made for the home in quite some time. We have hard water that is full of iron and lead and just tastes awful. I have wanted a purifier for my kitchen faucet for a long time. When I saw this, for the price, I figured I couldn't go wrong.



This is pretty easy to install which is nice. Filter is solid white and has been able to taste difference in filtered. This is very good WBM tap that filter water very well



I really like this filter. This is super easy to install! It more convenient and takes up less space. Water tastes different/cleaner/better. No plumbers tape used and I didn’t need an adapter. Love that it has two no filters options! This filter is an excellent value.

Khizar Daud


This is a great deal deliver by WBM. It appears to be well made, and you really can't beat the price. I have had house filters before that I fought with to screw and unscrew and that leaked, but this unit is perfect... I'd say overall a great buy. This is so easy to use.

Abdul Moeez Maqsood


So the things I like about this product is that there is really good water pressure both when it's on filtered and unfiltered which is something I've seen other water purifiers have trouble with. The taste is definitely good. You can taste test from the filtered side and the unfiltered and definitely notice a difference. We have a filter in the fridge and I don't notice a difference between the two.