WBM Care Crack Repair Cream

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  • CRACK REPAIR CREAM: WBM Care Crack Repair Cream is a rich and creamy formula that deeply hydrates the skin, repairs cracks, and prevents further damage
  • NOURISHING FORMULA: The Crack Cream is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that nourish and protect the skin
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Himalayan Pink Salt Cream is also enriched with natural emollients and humectants that help to trap moisture in the skin and keep it hydrated
  • MULTIPLE USES: Perfect for cracked feet, elbows, stretch marks, or any other dry or patchy skin area
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


‘Rewind Your True Beauty 

Don't let those cracks shatter your confidence! Keep those darned & dry skin patches at bay with our clinically proven WBM Care Crack Repair Cream! Our formula is specifically designed to heal and soothe delicate broken skin, providing you with long-lasting relief and comfort. Its nurturing blend of wonders helps heal any kind of skin damage and restore elasticity, so you can look wrinkle-free and radiant like you always wanted to! 


A Magical Pack of Skin Revival!‘ 

Repair cracked skin in minutes! Fix your skin's cracks for good with our ultimate Healing Cream! The mixture contains an essential merge of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to accelerate the overall skin-related benefits. 

  • Repairs cracked skin instantly.
  • Stop the appearance of vertical lines & creases from getting worse!
  • Restore elasticity, smoothness & vibrancy to damaged skin.


Get Your Smooth Skin Back, Naturally! 

When those heels & elbows start to look a little sad, give ours a try for an instant fix! Made with a blend of natural ingredients, this cream helps to soothe and protect your heels while preventing cracks from forming in the first place. Our formula penetrates deep into the skin to treat the underlying issue and repair the damage done. 

Our Premium Infusions: 

  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Allantoin
  • Water Soluble Ceramides


Helping You Love Your Body Once Again! 

New to motherhood & stretch marks? No Worries! Our Healing Cream is the one for you! You can now say goodbye to those tight, uneven & stubborn stretch marks!

Believed to help with elasticity and collagen production, WBM Care  Stretch Marks Cream promises a noticeably smoother appearance on your new pregnancy or postpartum skin. It helps to restore the epidermis back to its normal level of thickness and elasticity while smoothing out the appearance of skin crinkles & creases.


‘Deep Nourishment & Hydration 

Complement your overall beauty with this advanced skin repair formula. Use it all over your body whether some dry skin patches await some healing miracle! 

You can get multiple benefits from our skin repair cream!

  • Apply on the face, if you feel some extra dryness around the hour.
  • Use on elbows, if you feel them darkening due to prolonged table work. 
  • Spread a good amount on heels to fight cracks or corns/calluses.
  • Use it as a hand cream for extra moisture hold.


‘Mild & Gentle’ 

Restore your skin's integrity and appearance with our highly effective, chemical-free skin crack repair cream. Our unique formulation quickly gets to the source of the problem and helps repair the epidermis so you can regain a happy and healthy-looking complexion. 

× NO Parabens, Formaldehyde, or Colorants!

See What People Are Saying!

Romaissa Rajput


I’m very surprised by this cream. For real, my foot skin is extremely crack and dry. I had a thick skin on my heel. And I needed something that really worked for a long time. Since day one of using this cream, I could see the improvement. A week out, my thick skin was 90% thinner. I have been using it every night! I will be buying more for sure! I can't recommend it enough! It's the best thing that I have used on my feet!

Sana Zaheer


This is a great quality cream. I get dry hands that are prone to cracking in the winter. I've used this several times now and it does a nice job hydrating and repairing my skin.

Rafia Waqar


Have been using this cream for around two or three weeks, and has been working well. It's creamy and helps to keep the skin moisturized when is very dry or cracked.

Asad Khokhar


Wow! This skin repair cream is so moisturizing, it makes my dry hands feel like silk after using. You can feel it right after applying it. It absorbs quickly and has a faint scent that is barely noticeable.

Syed Ahmed Ali


This advanced repair cream really does what it claims! It makes skin softer and helps heal dry, cracked skin. I've been using it on my feet and heels and I've seen a huge improvement. I will say, though, that it does have a strong scent.

Ammarah iqbal


I constantly have dry skin on my hands and elbows. I tried this product and it works great. I apply it 2 to 3 times per day and I love the results. This product is easy to apply to your skin and it smells great. This encourages you to use it often. I would highly recommend this product.

anam umer


This really does soften your feet. I try to use it regularly to keep my feet from looking ashy and dry! I find it works best under socks. I am surprised at how effective it is. It does have a very floral smell that isn’t my favorite but it dissipates quickly and isn’t irritating.

Tooba Agha


Two pack of medium sized bottles of lotion with an easy twist off cap. Bottles contain a good amount. Formula is light, smooth and absorbs easily into the skin. Lotion has a slight cooling effect. Looks perfect for use on problem areas, for super dry skin and good for use as a general lotion. Softens skin nicely and I like how you get two in the pack. Recommended if you're looking for a good quality lotion.

Maria Moin


This crack repair cream comes in smaller tubes which are perfect for throwing in a purse, keeping at your desk or near your kitchen sink. It helps keep my hands from being dry and cracked after doing chores, dishes, regular hand washing etc. It’s also great to use on your knees or elbows for an extra boost of hydration. I also lie to put this on my feet with some socks before going to sleep. My heels get so dry and this lotion helps keep that at bay.

Shahzad Ahmad Dogar


These seem to work well. The cream helps dry and crack skin. This one does work well enough to be worth the price. I’ve ordered two products, but unfortunately one of them was damaged. I contact with customer care, they solve my problem and replace the damaged item. Such a great customer service. At the end, I want to say that the product is amazing because it repaired my heels and hand’s crack.