WBM Care Toilet Tissue Paper 3 Ply 100g - 230 Sheets

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  • Toilet Paper: WBM Care Toilet Paper is excellent for rinsing, as well as being soft and kind on the face and hands
  • Super Absorbent: Toilet paper has a high absorption capacity and can be reused
  • Reusable: 3Ply Toilet Paper is recyclable and reusable. It will not pull apart when used several times
  • Multi-Purpose: Toilet paper is intended for use in bathrooms, automobiles, kitchens, offices, and living rooms
  • Shelf-Life: Tissue Paper has a long life expectancy and is strong and flexible
  • Customer Satisfaction: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.


Naturally Caring Comfort. 

A thoughtful way to make your skin happy is with WBM Care Toilet Paper Roll, a line of wintertime toilet tissue. Made with 100% wood pulp is the softest and the comfiest solution for everyday cleanliness. Using these toilet paper rolls, you’ll experience the moisturizing skin of your whole family without no harsh chemicals or scents while providing an elevated softness that refreshes you!

What Does Our Toilet Paper Roll Hold? 

  • Plant-Based with 100% Wood Pulp 
  • Soft & Absorbent 
  • Free from Dyes or Fluorescent-agent 
  • 3 Ply Thickness 


Tissue Softness Awaits. 

To say the least, tissue rolls are a requirement after taking a look at the accessibility of luxury! They're completely made of plant-based pulp and biodegradable as well, thus making you happy every time you use them. This Nature Caring Tissue Roll is positively unbleached, and eco-friendly, lending it ambiguities for your normal skin-care regimen.


Natural, Safe Toilet Paper! 

Choosing natural tissues allows for a more natural, safer environment for you, and your loved ones. No harsh chemicals, fluorescent agents, and dyes, and are hypoallergenic, these 100% wood fibers in toilet rolls have a gentle moisturizing effect that will thankfully reach your skin, and you will be able to maintain its natural softness! 


Absorbent Solution. 

Thick, and Strong at the Same Time! Put your trust in WBM Care Toilet Paper Rolls to get a deep cleansing experience that leaves your skin silky-smooth and ultra-comfortable. Experience delectable softness and defense never before like these toilet tissue rolls. Strong enough, and highly absorbent that provides a sense of great consistency, allowing you to comfortably clean up any mess.


Wipe Away Your Worries! 

The ultimate perfect all-purpose tissue for all of life’s exasperating spasms. Whether it's chilly & flu season or sunny & bright summer, this toilet roll does it all! Keep you clean and presentable with one of these luxurious, soft tissues to remove makeup and wipe sweat from your brow or quickly catch a sneeze.


Feel the Wood Pulp Vibe! 

Go for soft and sustainable choices! Upgrade your home choices to Wood Pulp Now. Use toilet rolls by WBM Care to save mother earth for yourself and the future generation. Let’s join hands together to ‘Save Trees, Save Life’!

See What People Are Saying!



I like these. They're strong and soft, don't leave behind little pieces. Strange to me they're trying to be environmentally friendly. Overall pleased by this tissue. The WBM tissue is soft and smells good. It’s good value for money spent. With kids at home I run through tissue quickly.

Muatter Zahra


It isn’t the softest tissue ever, but it is good quality. It doesn't tear quickly and is worth the price. I’ve placed them around my home for grabs. This product comes in individually packaged plastic bundles that can be placed in different rooms throughout your home. I like the strength of the tissues, they don't break apart easily. I recommend this product, it's a good buy.



These tissues are normal in size but mighty. I did not notice a scent at all which, in my opinion, is nice. These would be great for the car, purse, or diaper bag. The price point is nice too.

Dr Sana Khan


Soft tissues and small packs so you can easily carry them around when you need to. You get a good amount for your money. They’re not rough on your face but they’re still strong enough not to rip.

Ovais Siddiqui


I ordered the WBM care toilet tissue paper and I get the same product. However, the product is sturdy and comfortable! I love that it's natural. The pouch that it comes in is soft instead of in a hard cardboard box. I love that it's easy to open and doesn't take up much space!

Aleena Cheema


These are very strong tissues. They are a little dough on your nose if you’re blowing your nose a lot with allergies or a cold. You would be better with some extra soft tissues. Overall very good product. They also hold up very well when wet.

Humayun Saleem


These tissues are softer than they look. They honestly look like basic napkins which are usually use, but have the texture of a normal tissue. The parcel is totally same as I shown in the Picture. There is no a bit a change. I am impressed with this tissue.

Asma Mushtaq


This is made of totally made of safe and natural material. I think the value for the money is absolutely there. I received 12 packs of tissues that will last me a while. I like that they came in a plastic packaging instead of a box, making it less bulky.

Asim Nogra


In my house we use this tissue paper for the cleaning of our hand, face, auto mobiles etc. This is very strong and durable tissue. This is eco friendly and skin friendly.

Ahmad Zubian


It was nice to finally have the thickness I like this toilet paper. This Toilet Paper is recyclable and reusable. This is strong and flexible. I use this tissue paper in my house for cleaning our kitchen, our office and other things.