WBM Care Facial Tissues Paper Small 2 Ply - 220 Sheets

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  • Iqra asad


    I was pleasantly surprised at the great quality of these WBM tissues. I was reluctant at first, but decided to give it a try because it is used in my home the better. I love how easy it is to grab a tissue at the ease of the opening of the package. I love that these tissues are from recycled wood pulp. I am happy that the scent is very light. I definitely will be buying this brand.

  • Maria Moin


    These tissues have a very nice aroma - not too overpowering, but very noticeable. That said, they're a bit too rough for repeated use on the nose - one or two, no big deal, but reach for another set of tissues if you are fighting through a cold or allergies!

  • Mashooq Ali


    These facial tissues are surprisingly convenient and sustainable! They are lightweight and made with 100% wood pulp, so they hold up to nose blows! They have a light, pleasant. The 2 ply tissue has strong fibbers that allow you to rinse and reuse. Good product delivers by WBM.

  • Facial Tissues: WBM Care Facial Tissues provide excellent value, containing 220 tissues sheets
  • 2 Ply Tissues: With absorbent 2 ply tissue, you'll be ready for cold and flu season, allergy season, back-to-school, and the holidays
  • Multi-Purpose: Tissues comes in a variety of fragrances for your living room, dining table, bedroom, kitchen, office, bathroom, car, school / classroom, and other places
  • Recyclable: Facial Tissues are recyclable and can be used several times. They will not pull apart
  • Customer Satisfaction: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.


Clean Comfort Guaranteed!

WBM Care Facial Tissue small offers a luxurious looks and feel! Made with wood pulp, these tissues are anti-bacterial and septic-safe for use in any environment. Our unique blend of materials makes them the softest and most comfortable tissue you ever used, ensuring your skin stays smooth and utterly pampered throughout the day. Enjoy an out-of-this-world comfort sensation every time you reach for a tissue!


Clean & Sustainable Softness

Our facial tissues are super-soft and highly absorbent to keep your skin bacteria-free. These unbleached, pure tissues ensure the highest level of hygiene without worrying about unwelcome bleaching agents and chemicals. Plus, each box is sustainable because it is made with recycled material making them an environmentally conscious choice for households everywhere!


Comfortably Get Through Allergies

This facial tissue is both strong and soft on your skin -- so you can use it for those delicate moments of sneezing, sniffling and tears without worry. Its 2 ply construction provides a layer of comfort and strength to help protect against irritation. And with an affordable price point, this product makes it easy to stock up before allergy season or provide one in every bathroom.


Safe, Soft Comfort

These facial tissues are an ideal blend of softness and protection for you and your family. Crafted with a safe, balanced formulation free from harsh chemicals, fluorescent agents, and dyes – each tissue is designed to be gentle on the skin and kind on the environment. Our chemical-free comfort offers sensitive noses soothing relief for congestion or allergies so you can breathe easier with every breath.


All life's moments, covered

This all-purpose facial tissue paper is perfect for any situation. Whether it's kitchen upkeep, cleaning up an unexpected spill in your car, a long day of travels, or just your everyday routine – you can use this product as the tissue you need for whatever mess may present itself. Not to mention it easily fits in a pocket so you can carry it with complete convenience wherever life takes you!