WBM Care Facial Tissue Medium Rose 2 Ply - (200 Sheets)

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  • Natural Wood Pulp: WBM Care tissue papers are created with 100% natural wood pulp
  • Soft and Gentle: Cotton fabric is used to make tissues, which gives them an unrivaled softness
  • Highly Absorbing: Each facial tissue is made up of two layers of high-quality absorbent material. These tissues are extremely soft and durable
  • Long-Lasting: Tissues are washable and long-lasting, with added softness and flexibility
  • Availability: Tissue Papers are available in 4 Different Variants, including rose, lavender, tea tree and with no-fragrance
  • Customer Satisfaction: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.


Natural, Eco-Care! 

A daily feeling of care for your skin and your environment! WBM Care Facial Tissues – Rose, made from 100% wood pulp, an eco-friendly material that’s gentle for the face and hands. Being naturally smooth, this tissue paper provides you with the same fantastic absorbency and softness that you expect. Always feeling fresh and looking great yet still caring for the planet! 


Feel the Softness. 

Rely on WBM Care Facial Tissues to treat your skin with gentle care while maintaining its strength. With 100% wood pulp fibers that have strong fiber content and are biodegradable too - ensuring that you feel good every time you use it. This Nature Caring Tissue – is unbleached, and sustainable, perfect for your daily skincare routine. Enjoy the luxurious touch of plant-based facial tissues! 


Soft & Gentle Care! 

Designed with a 2-layered thickness, these facial tissues make the softest tissues, thick with strong sheets, allowing for maximum comfort and reliability. With WBM Care, you know you'll be pampered from top to bottom with every use! Our premium tissue ensures every comforting nose bump leaves your skin feeling supple and cared for. Soft, Strong with Rose Scent at the Same Time!


Natural, Safe Tissues! 

Choosing natural tissues contributes to a healthier, safer environment – both for you and your family. Completely free from harsh chemicals, fluorescent agents, and dyes! You are rest assured to maintain the natural softness of hypoallergenic 100% wood fibers — a necessity for sensitive skin types.


Breathe in Rose. 

Feel fresh and comforted with Rose-Scented Facial Tissues! The natural scent of the rose produces a gentle scent that lingers, so you can breathe it in every time. The calming aroma relieves anxiety, promotes restful sleep, and boosts your overall mood. Perfect to keep at home or take on the go, treat yourself to some peaceful serenity today! 


Wipe Away Your Worries! 

Rose Facial Tissue is the perfect all-purpose tissue for whatever life throws your way. Keep you clean and presentable with one of these luxurious, soft tissues to remove makeup and wipe sweat from your brow or quickly catch a sneeze. Whether it's cold & flu season or simply sunny & bright outside, this facial tissue paper does it all! 

See What People Are Saying!



Love the rose scent of these tissues. The little packages make it easy to keep in different areas of the house and my car. Also an extra pack when I travel. Importantly these are made from natural materials and better for the environment.

waqas ahmed khan


The quality is consistent. Some packs smell great, just like roses. It's made ultra-soft. When I use this tissue first time then I don’t sure that this is use long- lasting. But when I start using this is so soft on my face. The quality is so high that every one easily use it.

Sumaiya Farhan


I received the goods today and was excited. But now I am very satisfied. The WBM facial tissue is okay. It's very thin and not easily tears. Also, it has rose scent. It worth the price of this tissue.

Hamza Siddique


It is the softest tissue ever, and it is also good quality. It doesn't tear quickly and is worth the price. It does have normal scent not so strong and not so light! I order this and the shipping is totally free. They provide money back guarantee this is very important thing.

Muhammad Farhan


I love these WBM tissues there nice and soft and smell great! My daughter tried them and loved them too! I will be buying more for sure! This tissue is made from organic material which is safe for our body and don’t harm our skin.

shahzad Akhter


The rose scent is just enough and smells amazing. This facial tissue is so soft and very durable. Use it for little baby cleanups and face, I just want to keep them around so I can smell the roses all day!

Mehwish Waqas


Excellent value for money, as I use this and my money is safe. They are soft and in good size. Scent is pleasant, not too strong, I appreciate it especially I am allergic and I liked them so much!! Highly recommend this facial tissue of WBM.

Haya Hassaan


I use this tissue for lifetime!! Tissues are very soft but also very thin. I noticed any rose scent at all. This tissue is very good. The service is so fast.

Pablo orakzai


Loved getting these in bulk! They’re in these lightweight plastic packs and I can just stick them in the car or in the room and for convenience. The rose scent is pretty good and not overwhelming. Great to use this for my face.

Muqadas Aziz


Great tissue product! I love the rose scent and the tissue is nice and firm with softness it’s too soft that is just right to my liking for my nose when I need to grab a tissue and wipe my nose.