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  • Aisha nabeel


    The WBM Racket was exactly as described. Nicely packaged, light weight and easy to use. Better than my previous mosquito racket.

  • Ahmad Hassan Khan


    I order WBM home electric racket. They deliver me on time with perfect condition. Thank you Wbm Totally Satisfied and still working as it was

  • Wajdan Bukhari


    Received very beautiful, authentic and quality product. Good product, kills all mosquitoes in the air. Working perfectly, delivery time was 3 days, thats great. product price is very reasonable. Thanks WBM

Before First-Time Use, You Must Charge the Battery 24 Hours! 

  • RECHARGEABLE INSECT KILLER: WBM Home Rechargeable Insect Killer shields your family against bothersome insects with a single touch, making them feel protected and secure
  • 3-LAYERED MESH INSECT KILLER: The three-layered safety mesh bug killer racket protects you entirely from electric shock in an accident. With a 2500-3000 V output, any bug can be killed with a single contact
  • EASY TO USE: The Recharging Indicator light will be red during charging. The indication light will turn green after the charge is complete. Press the activation button to kill the insects; the indicator light will turn on this time. Hold the bat, press the control button, and use the metal surface of the net to touch the insect
  • ECO-FRIENDLY INSECT KILLER RACKET: This insect Killer is both environmentally friendly and family-friendly. To destroy the insects, you don't need to employ dangerous chemicals in sprays or diffusers
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products


Fight The Bite.  

On a mission to make Dengue a thing of the past! But confused about what to pick, Rechargeable Mosquito Racket or Mosquito Killing Spray, let’s pick the best choice, the WBM Home Rechargeable Mosquito Bat! An effective solution to keep your family protected from dengue fever. When dengue mosquitoes are about, step outside for fresh air without any fear, we have a guardian for you! WBM Home Mosquito Bat! Simply swing the bat at mosquitoes when you see them enjoy dengue-free life. 


Tonight, No Bites! 

When it comes to banishing mosquitoes, there's no better weapon than the MOSQUITO BAT making its game stronger than the MOSQUITO SPRAYS! With just one swing, kills 1000s of creepy dengue mosquitoes. 

  • Safe & Sound! Triple-Layered Safety Mesh protects you from mosquito bites. Strong, durable layer that won’t tear easily, providing100% guaranteed protection 
  • Eco-Friendly Use! Forget worrying about buying those harsh chemicals-based mosquito sprays. Choose Eco-Friendly, Choose WBM Home! 
  • Never be without a fully-charged Mosquito Bat! As you zap away mosquitoes, the recharging indicator light let you know, so never be out of power again 


Buh-Bye, Bloodsuckers! 

By choosing a mosquito racket over mosquito spray, you can help make Pakistan Dengue-Free. Powerful and instant electric swatter that kills mosquitoes by attracting them when they come in contact with the metal grid, they are killed instantly with a power output of 2500-3000 V. With just one swing, this powerful mosquito racket will get mosquitoes away quickly and easily.


Worry-Free Dengue Control. 

When deciding between a mosquito spray or a mosquito racket, consider what is best for you and your family. Dengue Killing Sprays release chemicals into the air, which could potentially be harmful to you and your loved ones. Others, like Rechargeable Mosquito Bat, don't release any chemicals at all. If you're looking for something that won't fill your home with harmful chemicals and will not cause health problems, this mosquito-killer bat is a great choice! 

Mosquito Sprays

  • Permethrin 
  • Organophosphate Insecticides

Mosquito Bat 

  • No Permethrin,
  • Organophosphate Insecticides


Works Anywhere You Want – Mosquito Bat! 

Work anywhere you want - inside or outside - with our versatile rechargeable racket! Stay protected against pesky mosquitoes and other insects without having to worry about the spray getting everywhere. 

No Outdoors, Only Indoors – Mosquito Sprays! 

Mosquito Sprays! Not a Good Option! When the spray is applied, the insecticide and air quickly mix and disperse, making it difficult to target and kill the mosquitoes. 


Long-Lasting Swatting. 

No more fussing with batteries or buying replacements - just plug in your racket and be on your way to a mosquito-free zone. Environment-friendly but economical, as you will never need to buy batteries or waste money on pesticide sprays again. Simply RECHARGE, so you can use it over and over again without any worry. Giving you ENDLESS PROTECTION for your loved ones! 


Life-Long Protection. 

This mosquito bat comes with a lifetime health investment guarantee, so you can ditch the dengue fears and enjoy your life mosquito free! Not to mention, this is great for taking care of those pesky flies that always seem to buzz around your head during summer BBQs. The LIFETIME HEALTHY INVESTMENT pays off in peace of mind, knowing that you're doing everything you can to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

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