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  • WOMEN RAZOR: W Beauty Women Razor is a four-blade razor that is designed for women’s delicate skin
  • PIVOTING HEAD: The razor has a pivoting head that follows the contours of your body, ensuring a close and comfortable shave
  • LUBRICATION STRIPS: The blades are coated in a special moisturizing strip made with aloe vera and vitamin E that helps to prevent nicks and cuts
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The anti-slip handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand
  • WASHABLE RAZOR: The razor is easy to rinse and care for. Use it multiple times
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products
Beauty With Perfection


‘Beauty With Perfection’

For women, shaving can be tricky as they have unique shaving needs. Their skin is delicate and needs something that goes along with that. Swirling a blade around the skin can be messy and time-consuming but not with W Beauty Women Razor – which provides an irresistible flawless look and sense every time you shave.
A woman's razor should be gentle on her skin – and that's what a W Beauty Razor delivers. With this system, you can minimize the risk of nicks & cuts while shaving. Less irritation means a smoother, silk-like body – perfect for those with sensitive skin! Its precision-crafted blades and moisturizing features are perfect for females who are constantly worried about the delicate nature of their skin.

Waxing, Epilator


‘Best Alternative To Waxing, Epilator & Threading’

In most of these cases, women love the sleek look of a shaved body but don't want to go through all the hassle of waxing or epilating ... or having to pull painful threading off their delicate flesh. This is why we offer this personalized razor that glides over the skin like a hot knife through butter! Not only will you avoid the potential for painful waxing and threading procedures, but you'll also get clean, smooth results – perfect for showing off your beautiful self!

Smooth & Close Shave


For Smooth & Close Shave!

Dull, painful shaving is a thing of the past with our luxurious lady's razor. Our high-quality shaving blades glide across your skin effortlessly. With its precision-ground 4 blades, it offers a smooth and efficient shave that leaves your skin feeling soft and radiant, without any irritation or discomfort. So be sure about it! You get no nicks, cuts, or razor burns!

Lubricating Strips


‘With Ultra-Moisturizing Lubricating Strips’

Looking for a safer, more efficient way to shave? Stop here! Our W Beauty Women Razor comes with a wealth of great features. One such aspect is the latest moisturizing technology to provide an incredibly close and comfortable shave while minimizing irritation and redness. Our safety razor surrounds Aloe Vera & Vitamin E lubricating strips to give a luxury hydrated feel every time your shave.

Safe & Easy Application


‘Safe & Easy Application’

You don't have to be a total clumsy buffoon when it comes to shaving yourself! There's no need to shave in awkward, difficult positions anymore. With these beauty razors, you'll never have to worry about embarrassing notches & scratches again!
With its patented Pivoting Head System, this device makes it easy to maneuver around all those difficult body curves and knots without feeling any pain or pulling. Plus, its Ergonomic Design prevents hand fatigue over time while giving a strong Anti-Slip Grip.



‘Easy To Clean & Maintain’

Make sure your beauty arsenal is always clean to the core! Keeping that in mind, we have designed W Beauty’s hair-removing razors. The Open Back of razor easily helps you get rid of that stuck hair. Simply put the head under your flowing tap. It’s That Easy To Clean! Along with this Washable & Reusable Technology, the blades carry an Anti-Rust Coating that keeps your shaver going for a long time!

Effectively Prevents & Removes Ingrown Hair


‘Effectively Prevents & Removes Ingrown Hair’

Ingrown hair can be hideous and confidence-shattering at times. If you're looking for a shaver that removes ingrown hair and leaves your skin feeling soft like silk, W Beauty Women Safety Razors are the ones for you. Our innovative design ensures deep ingrown hair removal, providing the closest, smoothest shave without any trouble spots or pesky razor bumps.



‘For All Body Use’

Ladies, rejoice! Smooth, shave-ready results every time, everywhere! Trim, shave and tidy up all at once with the latest W Beauty Women Razor technology. Forget shaving multiple times a week – now there's one simple step to remove all unwanted body hair. The patented W Beauty Women Safety Razor acts quickly and smoothly while allowing you to easily tidy up any unwanted hair on your body. Suitable for all body use. Safe & gentle on sensitive women’s body areas, so you shave like a woman – with precision & ease!


See What People Are Saying!

Suhail Agha


Best Razor By far, this is the best razor I've ever used. I often don't have a choice when it comes to razors and just buy whatever mid-range brand is least expensive. Without having to rinse every inch, I was able to shave a rather hairy leg and had no razor burn afterward.



These are trusty razors that glide smoothly on my skin and shave even my most delicate areas. The strip has a smooth moisturizing element that prevents rough shaving. The handle is easy to grip and the head of the razor is shaped perfectly.

Aqsa Ghafoor


These are likeable- they give a close shave, have the moisture strip and have the grip handle to be able to maneuver it well.

Navi Khan


These razors are easy to use. They are easy to grip, they have a moisture strip that allows them to glide smoothly, so no cuts or Knicks, and they produce a smooth shave. I have fine hair and these worked well for me.

Farina Mirza


These razors could be good for tweens first learning to shave. They are easy to hold and very comfortable to use. The infused heads allow them to glide easily over the skin without nicking or scratching. They could also be good to use during the summer if you are prone to bumps or razor burn.

Anis Rehman


When you buy razors, you definitely want either four or five blades. It makes all the difference. These razors are attractive. They work well. They're easy to use. They glide smoothly.

Nadeem Ahmad


Great Product! Ladies, this razor is amazing; it penetrates the skin so easily and, in my opinion, it cuts closely. The shave went on perfectly. I would constantly cut myself with the other razors, but not this time. So stop questioning it and buy it.

Ahmad Ali Aheer


Perfect Shavig Razor Such a great razor. I have thick hair and delicate, dry skin. I get a close shave with this razor and it hydrates my skin, so there are no flakes when I dry off.

Fatima Zeeshan


Great Razor for the Price This value bundle is attractive. For a super close shave, the razor is one of the best I've ever used. If you have sensitive skin, you should hydrate before using a razor, yet it still bothers slightly. I believe that my own skin is the sole cause of this. It's fantastic for a flexible close shave, the colour is lovely, the pricing is reasonable, and the value is good. I've used W Beauty Razors for a very long time, and these last a respectable amount of time, don't grow boring, and perform admirably. I'll purchase again!

Mrs Shazib


Both Functional and Fun I adore the way this razor glides up my leg, especially around my knee. After using this razor, I've found it impossible to use any other. Every time, I get a close, clean shave. Although the markup on these blades bothers me and I still don't understand why razors must be so expensive, it is worthwhile.