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  • Waheed Ali Khaskheli


    Good Product! I love the fact that I can thoroughly sanitise a space in less an hour! linens, carpets, etc. The remote is an excellent choice. Wait the advised amount of time before entering to open windows. My device kept sensing an object in front of a mirror, wouldn't work, and I had problems getting it to work.

  • Masood khan


    Easy To Use! Lightweight and easy to use, this lamp may be placed in any location by just plugging it into an electrical outlet.It has a remote control, and you can choose the length of the sanitization period from 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The sole safety precaution that must be observed is that no persons or animals may stay in the area being sterilised while the lamp is being used. A good choice to pack for your trip.

  • usman


    Small Size, Simple to Transport I am a person who easily develops allergies due to my sensitivity to germs." Since I was already utilising the sterilising lamp at home, I always had issues in the business setting. However, due to this lamp's compact size, I can simply transport it to my office and store it in my car. As a result, take pleasure in working there all day. Wonderful lamp to possess.

  • UV Disinfection: With its advanced UV disinfection technology, the WBM Smart UV Disinfection Lamp makes your environment safer and healthier for everyone
  • Sterilize & Disinfect: The UV Disinfection Lamp is a great addition to your home. It not only kills 99% of bacteria and germs but also helps to disinfect and sterilize surfaces
  • Efficient & Safe: The UV light combined with ozone sterilizes in all directions. The Germicidal UV light has 360o sensing radar that makes the indoor living environment safe and secure
  • Disinfection Time: The disinfection time depends on the area of the rooms. The disinfection time of the UV light can be adjusted to 15/30/60 minutes for the proper disinfection
  • Kill 99% Bacteria & Germs: This sterilization light is a type of germicidal irradiation that can be used in both home and office settings and is effective at destroying germs
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is Our Passion, so ensuring a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


It's no secret that keeping your home clean is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from health risks. But with a busy schedule and constant influx of guests, it can be hard to keep up with the cleaning. That's where UV sterilizer light comes in!

Get Safer Home Disinfection & Sterilization Lights Now! 

But UV sterilizers are often seen as a necessary evil, but the WBM Smart UV Sterilizer Light changes that! A powerful UV tool that disinfects and sterilizes the home quickly and easily. Using this sterilizer light can kill 99.99% of the bacteria and germs, making the indoor living environment safe and free from germs. So, don’t wait – get our WBM Smart UV-C Sterilizer Light today! 


There is never a time when it is more important to have a clean and sterile home. With the latest in technology, now you can disinfect and sterilize our homes at any time of the day or night. 

Are concerned about the safety and cleanliness of your home?

If, so you can make your home safer and cleaner with the powerful UV Disinfection and Sterilization Lamp. Perfect for disinfecting everything in your homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Make your clean and safe at all times! One of the powerful sterilizer lights that clean the indoor living environment without generating any ozone emissions. Get this ozone-free sterilization light for a safer, cleaner living environment. 


This UV Germicidal Lamp is a must-have disinfection light for anyone! Gain peace of mind knowing that you're safeguarding yourself and your family against the spread of germs within a few seconds. 

  • UV combined with Ozone efficiency disinfects your indoor spaces with zero germs around 
  • Keeps your space sterilized and disinfected with ease! The 360o Radar Sensing Range automatically turns off after the appropriate disinfection time 
  • UV Sterilizer Light is the perfect way to sterilize your items without having to touch them! Just use the Wireless Remote Control to turn on and begin home sterilization 
  • 3 Different Timing Modes for the proper disinfection! The UV light automatically turns off after the appropriate setting time of 15, 30, and 60 minutes 
  • A Warning Buzzer on the UV Germicidal Lamp will let you know to move away while the UV light is in working mode 
  • Get that peace of mind you deserve knowing your sterilization process is backed by a time delay switch, keeping the sterilization process safe 
  • Quick and efficient with the use of a high-quality quartz material in the U plug tube.


There is no substitute for UV sterilization when it comes to keeping your home, office, hotel, and restaurant clean and sterile. This process kills germs and bacteria with intense light in a way that is both effective and safe. 

Keep your family safe and healthy with proper sterilization and disinfection through UV sterilizer light! 

Imagine not having to worry about the safety of your loved ones again. Sterilize and disinfect in the most powerful way possible. The UV Sterilizer and Disinfection Lamp give you a sterile, and germ-free environment for yourself and those around you. Keep everyone in your life healthy and safe by using our UV sterilization lights! 


Today's newsworthy UV sterilizer light comes with an intensity indicator card that lets you know just how powerful the light is. Use the intensity indicator card to know when your UV sterilizer is operating at full power. Keep track of your desired disinfection level's intensity so you don't over-disinfect or leave any areas untreated.

  • During the initial test, the color of the paper is white
  • The color of the test paper changes to purple after 1 min due to the UV radiation
  • At last, the color turns black after 5 mins exposure to the UV radiation


We all know that the 40 W UV Germicidal Lamp is a powerful tool for destroying germs and preventing diseases. However, there are some precautions that we should take to ensure that no living things are harmed during use. It is important to keep in mind that the Disinfection is powerful enough and should not be used casually. Only use it when necessary and make sure that there are no living things nearby when in use.

  • No Humans 
  • No Animals 
  • No Plants 

“The WBM Smart UV Sterilizer & Disinfection Light is the future of Sterilization that keeps you free against germs and bacteria.”