WBM Care Hand Sanitizer Natural Lemon - 30 ml

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  • NATURAL SANITIZER GEL: WBM Care Hand Sanitizer is an affordable and easy way to help stay healthy and safe from germs.
  • SKIN NOURISHING: The sanitizer is enriched with Hydrating Lemon Oil and Vitamin E to help keep hands soft and moisturized
  • TRAVEL SIZE BOTTLE: Mini Hand Sanitizer bottle comes with a silicone holder that can be tucked into your key ring or hung with your bag
  • CARTOON PATTERNS: Holds arbitrary colors with distinctive cartoon imagery to motivate children to sanitize their hands more frequently
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.

See What People Are Saying!

Adnan Jamil


This hand sanitizer works great. It is not sticky and has a very light scent. Quality as expected, good price (was quite discounted when I purchased). I’m just glad I’m finally able to get my hands free from germs.

Jalal Khan


This is the only hand sanitizer I will use. It leaves my hands feeling clean with almost a powdery finish, not sticky like some, and not so dried out that my hands literally bleed!

Fatima khalid


I've always had sanitizer on me so with the crazy pandemic going on I like having it in the car and at home. We just got a bundle of these and they're perfect for our needs.

Salman Ali


This is a great hand sanitizer and much more moisturizing than a basic sanitizer. Works very well! It has the right amount of alcohol in it to disinfect hands effectively. Great for using at home or for refilling small travel bottles. Smell is very subtle and neutral (beyond the normal alcohol sanitizer part of the smell).

Erum Hammad


Great hand sanitizer, especially in these corona times. The smell is mild, and consistency is perfect for the proper "friction" time needed to kill germs. It is made up to the same high standards. Will buy it again.

Khalid Akhter


Received this today. Beautiful bottle and a great price for the size you get. I love the smell too. It does not have the overpowering alcohol smell that most of hand sanitizers have. This smells more like an aloe type of scent. It also does not dry your hands out like some of them do. It moisturizes your hands

Asma Mushtaq


This sanitizer is great. It feels so much more moisturizing than other sanitizers. It feels different that others at first but then once its absorbed it feels so nice! The smell is nice and clean smelling.

Muhammad Asad Usman


I absolutely love this sanitizer! Usually the smell of sanitizers bothers me but this one didnt at all. It wasnt overwhelming and had a nice scent to it. Then when I applied it I was in heaven! I felt so clean and fresh as well as soft and smooth.

Zubia Shahid


Unlike any hand sanitizer I've ever used. It has a light, pleasant smell and it doesn't feel sticky, thick, or heavy on your hands. Hands are soft after using which was surprising.

Iqra Abbas


This is my favorite hand sanitizer. Does not dry your hands out, hands stay smooth and soft. It goes on easily so I'm comfortable that my hands will stay germ-free.