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  • Ghulam Mujtaba


    Perfect for refilling travel bottles, especially at times of covid. Seems to work effectively and also makes your hands feel soft after use.

    Variation : 300ml
  • Moneeb Asghar


    This hand sanitizer is nice to use. Dries fairly fast leaving hands soft and the scent is mild. Not so watery that it gets all over you just right consistency. Just have to trust science that if is killing the germs as you cannot tell by looking. I would purchase it again.

    Variation : 300ml
  • Alif Shah


    This is a great hand sanitizer and much more moisturizing than a basic sanitizer. Works very well! It has the right amount of alcohol in it to disinfect hands effectively. Great for using at home or for refilling small travel bottles. The smell is very subtle and neutral (beyond the normal alcohol sanitizer part of the smell).

    Variation : 300ml
  • NATURAL HAND SANITIZER: WBM Care Hand Sanitizer features an effective formula that deeply cleans your hands on the go
  • GENTLE FORMULA: The Hand Sanitizer Gel is infused with Natural Blood Orange Extract that leaves your hands irresistibly fragrant whenever you use it
  • GERM-FREE HANDS: Keep your hands free of germs all the time. No need to wash your hands, just apply and rub thoroughly
  • PACKAGING VARIETIES: The Blood Orange Sanitizer is available in 3 different sizes and packaging options
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products