WBM Care Hand Sanitizer Natural Blood Orange

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  • NATURAL HAND SANITIZER: WBM Care Hand Sanitizer features an effective formula that deeply cleans your hands on the go
  • GENTLE FORMULA: The Hand Sanitizer Gel is infused with Natural Blood Orange Extract that leaves your hands irresistibly fragrant whenever you use it
  • GERM-FREE HANDS: Keep your hands free of germs all the time. No need to wash your hands, just apply and rub thoroughly
  • PACKAGING VARIETIES: The Blood Orange Sanitizer is available in 3 different sizes and packaging options
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products

See What People Are Saying!

Yahya Zubair


I am happy to have these refills. I gave them to my children and a friend. I just keep one bottle. I am feeling secured with this because I have enough hand sanitizers. Cheaper than other brands.

Amir Zahoor khan


So grateful that I found this when I needed it. I had purchased some awful hand sanitizers online and this is so much better. This is exactly what it needs to be, not like some of the garbage that people are selling now because everyone is in need of it. Works great.

Uzma Jamshaid


The sanitizer has a very pleasant scent and is very helpful for getting rid of germs. Safe and easy to use for the children and a great value for the money.

Ahsan Sheikh


This is the best sanitizer I have bought so far. It smells amazing and the packaging is very cute too. It's a good size for the price and I keep it in my living room so everyone can use it. Will def be buying more and recommending to family and friends



Love that there is very little smell, and no sticky residue. I use this all day during work as a healthcare provider, and love that my hands feel clean without being overly dry at the end of the day. This helps my confidence and security working during the pandemic.

Mian Bilal


Really liked this, wasn't sticky like some other hand sanitizers. It got here in the amount of time it said. Great product, just a little expensive, but understand the situation of things going on today.

Umer Aslam


I bought this product b/c my daughter has very sensitive skin. I thought good alternative to other hand sanitizers. It only has 80% alcohol, and as I'm learning not Covid strong b/c you want 67% and higher. For me, it's better than nothing. If we are outside and I need something on the quick then this is a decent alternative. Other products sting her and this did not. It feels very soft after applying too.

Nadeem Mirza


This hand sanitizer is very soft and light, doesn’t leave your hands sticky. The bottle is pretty big for the price which makes it a good value. I like the smell and it has a soft after scent as well. I recommend as the hand sanitizer you keep in your purse.

Pablo orakzai


First time user, I was overall impressed with this hand sanitizer. The price is cheap for the quality you get. At first glance you know it's a quality product and that the company put some real thought into the packaging. The sanitizer works and leaves a nice soft smell afterword's. Highly Recommend!

Zainab Aziz


I was really impressed by this product. Smells like hand sanitizer. It's not watery. It's thick like a lotion. Which I find Awesome. Although it says 80% Alcohol in it, I believe it is just as strong/good as 70%.The Bottle is well-made, sturdy & has a beautiful label on it