WBM Care Hand Sanitizer Natural Aloe

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  • NATURAL HAND SANITIZER: Keep your hands protected from dirt and germs with this WBM Care Hand Sanitizer
  • GENTLE ON SKIN: Enjoy the refreshing fragrance and soothing effect of Natural Aloe Vera Extract in this Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • SUPER ABSORBENT FORMULA: The Hand Sanitizer is ideal for frequent uses as it absorbs immediately and leaves no stickiness on the skin
  • PACKAGING VARIETIES: This Sanitizer is available in regular size as well as purse and portable ranges
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products

See What People Are Saying!

Suniya Amir


If you like a product that just works, keeps your hands feeling normal, and not greasy or dry, WBM Care Hand Sanitizer Natural Aloe is the best Hand Sanitizer for a reason. Just plain good stuff, at a reasonable price.

Muneeba Faisal


WBM Care Hand Sanitizer Natural Aloe are the perfect size hand sanitizers for my purse, backpack and car. Leaves my hands feeling amazing and not dry.

Mehtab khan


I have always been happy with WBM products. They are one of the few companies I trust, especially for something as important these days as hand sanitizer. They provide the best products.

Syed Moujood UL Hassan


WBM Care Hand Sanitizer Natural Aloe are great little bottles to carry around and protect yourself against viruses and germs. Goes on moist but dries quickly. Snap lid is easy to open but doesn't easily open accidentally. Great for your car, purse, or for travel.

Humayun Saleem


Best hand sanitizer that I have used. I tried various one and WBM Care Hand Sanitizer Natural Aloe is the one that I will continue to use.

Shoaib Akhter


During this time, there are some sanitizers that I'd never heard of before and suddenly came out of the woods. WBM Care Hand Sanitizer Natural Aloe is the only brand I trust for hand disinfectant

Syed Ahmed Ali


I love WBM sanitizer. It has always been by far my favorite. It's not sticky or slimy and doesn't leave your hands feeling clammy afterward. I love keeping this size in my car while on the go especially after being in public touching many surfaces like at the gas station for sure! I do also carry some with me personally but this is even great for when you're picking up friends, family, the kids and they need some themselves

Farah Saleem


I always kept a bottle of sanitizer in my pocket but I saw these and bought them and they are so much easier to keep in my pocket. These are awesome to have and so much easier to have in my pocket

Fjggh Yjfff


I love the mini pockets. They have a good amount and smell good. Great for having in my backpack and car.

Raheel Anwar


I carry these at work or the grocery store anywhere I’m traveling they are quick and easy to use.