WBM - Natural Solution Facial Mask Aloe & Tea Tree

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  • Shahveer


    I'm a fan of Natural Solution products, but more over an item needs to work. Most hydrating masks I've tried leave you feeling moisturized for the night and then it's as if you didn't do anything. I felt the hydration of Natural Solution mask for a few days after use. It was cooling, refreshing and in my opinion was worth the purchase.

  • Waseem Ahmed


    I tried one of these from a store and loved it, so I decided to order a bunch for stocking stuffers. I think it has made a difference. My face feels and looks more hydrated.

  • Tariq Masood


    Love love love really love this product and this hydrating mask!

  • NATURAL FACIAL MASK: The WBM-Natural Solution Sheet Mask is made with a 00% natural fiber sheet mask that feels soft and gentle on the skin
  • PLANT-DERIVED INGREDIENTS: Sheet Mask is enriched with pure Himalayan Pink Salt, Hyaluronic Acid, and a blend of Pure Botanical Extracts
  • SKINCARE FOR ALL: Masks are available for all skin types whether dry combination or oily, which helps to improve the overall health of the skin
  • MULTIPLE FACE MASK OPTIONS: Available in 6 different variations to tackle different skincare issues including dryness, dullness, sensitivity, aging, and skin loosening
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


Reveal Your True Beauty!

Struggling with dull and lifeless skin? Say goodbye to your woes with this luscious, nourishing WBM-Natural Solution Facial Mask! Let this facial sheet mask help enhance your real features and reveal your true beauty. Made from pure and soft natural silk fibers, this innovative mask provides intensive hydration and glow to the skin while minimizing your prolonged dreary face – so you can feel good about indulging in your pampering ritual.


Look Your Best, Feel Your Best!

Suffering from severe acne flare-ups? Our facial mask reduces the appearance of blemishes and protects against new acne breakouts. Unlike chemical-based face masks, our natural plant-based formula is free from any tingling ingredient that may irritate your super-vulnerable skin or cause further sensitivities. Simply apply the mask once or twice a week and feel a visible reduction in your skin sensitivity issues.


‘Infused With Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Extract’

Bring the beauty of nature to your skincare routine! Lose the oil, and feel confident. No more open pores with this Natural Face Sheet Mask! Stay fresh all day long with our oil control and pore refining formula. Infused with pure Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Extracts, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your skin’s texture. Whether it’s the painful acne, redness, or blemishes you have been encountering, this face mask will fight them all in a snap. 


‘84+ Mineral Enriched Himalayan Pink Salt’

Himalayan Pink Salt – WBM-Nature’s Solution To All Skin Problems! Himalayan pink salt is naturally packed with 84+ essential minerals and antioxidants that help to boost skin tone, texture, and overall health. Also, Himalayan pink salt has detoxifying properties that extract all crusted impurities from the skin. 

What’s More With Himalayan Pink Salt? 

  • Natural Sheet Masks are super-nourishing
  • Help to reduce inflammation and redness
  • Made to brighten and even out the skin tone
  • Address a variety of skin concerns, from hydration to anti-aging


Take Your Beauty Game Up A Notch!

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural skin care ingredient that gives an instant burst of hydration to the skin while fading wrinkles and pores. Our Face Mask is made with an infusion of beneficial moisture-rich HA that treats dry and flakey skin to the core. The high concentration of HA in this mask also leaves a deeply soothing and replenished effect on the skin. 

The Sheet Mask Is Further Enriched With;

  • Soy Protein – enhances the skin smoothing effect. 
  • β-Glucan – creates a natural barrier against moisture loss. 


No Harsh Chemicals’

The Face Sheet Mask contains no skin-deteriorating chemicals like parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde, colorants, and animal or mineral oil. This safe composition makes it suitable for all.  

  • Absorbs Quickly Into The Skin
  • No Stickiness / Greasiness
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Dermatologically Tested 


How To Apply The Sheet Mask Properly?

To get the best results, stick to the following rules.

  • First things first, cleanse your face and pat dry.
  • Open the package and remove the mask. 
  • Fit the mask to your face, making sure that your face features and sheet holes line up correctly. 
  • Smooth out any air bubbles and make sure the mask is fully saturated with serum. 
  • Let the mask sit on your face for 10 to 20 minutes at least. 
  • Remove the mask and discard it. No need to rinse your face afterward – just let the serum soak up into your skin!