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  • Mohtashim Raza


    Everyone has had those times when hair is not in its first freshness. this dry shampoo is a quick and easy remedy. a three-pack it has a bracing, fresh aroma. The fragrance does not linger or overpower, however. shake the can well and spray on hair. Massage in and brush or comb out. the directions are somewhat confusing as the bottle says to blow-dry with a round brush. You definitely don't want to blow it dry but you could use a brush instead of a comb. The powder does leave your hair refreshed and slightly volumized. It is a good option if you are running late or are under the weather.

  • Abrar Haider


    Definitely works- perfect for when you need a "quick turnaround" from being active outdoors or riding a motorcycle but need to look good quickly. Resets wild hair easily and quickly. We've all been there before- no time, but have to get presentable. The scent is strong and the only critique I have is that they should try to tone down the scent a bit if possible. It's definitely a masculine scent, as it's clearly stated in the title that this is a product designed for men.

  • Moneeb Asghar


    There’s a ball inside to mix the ingredients. So you shake it for a bit first. I use this dry shampoo in between showers. Just a couple days apart mostly. Has a pleasant men’s fragrance. Will keep purchasing.

  • NATURAL DRY SHAMPOO: Unlike regular liquid shampoo, WBM Dry Shampoo cleans your hair without using water
  • DAILY HAIR CARE: Use it to absorb oils, sweat, and odor. Makes your hair feel clean and refreshed without water
  • INSTANT GREASY HAIR SOLUTION: Dry shampoo is great for on-the-go hair care. Saves time in the morning by skipping the need for a full wash
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: Made safe and natural without using any harsh chemicals, hence ideal for every hair type
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products