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  • Toilet Cleaner: Toilet cleaners with cleaning solutions are a great way to clean. The WBM Home Disposable Toilet Cleaner ensures proper disinfection. Contains 1 toilet dispenser brush, 1 storage caddy, and 8 refill cartridges
  • Deep Cleaning: The Toilet Scrubber cleans the toilet with the cleaning pads, disinfects it, and prevents bacterial growth
  • Disposable: Disposable 2-sided hexagon-shaped sponges clean hard-to-reach areas in the Toilet Cleaner and are easy to dispose of after use
  • Easy to Use: Toilet Cleaner Sponge is easy to adjust. Push forward to hold and pull back to switch the cleaning sponge
  • Toilet Cleaning Tool: The Disposable Toilet Bowl Scrubber includes 8 disposable refills and a bow-handle extension for quickly cleaning toilets that remain upright
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


An Advanced Toilet Cleaning Approach! 

WBM Home Toilet Cleaner Wand combines powerful action with clever geometry to quickly and easily clean all the toilet bowl areas. This handy tool features a sleek head to reach all of the crevices for a clean and sparkling toilet. It's like having a personal assistant at your side to keep your bathroom clean and fresh! 


‘Hassle Free One-Handed Cleaning’ 

Make your cleaning routine a little bit easier with our hands-free toilet bowl cleaning wand! With this brilliant product, you can enjoy a hassle-free bathroom cleaning experience. This sleek, easy-to-use gadget lets you tackle the job of cleaning your toilet bowl without having to physically touch it. This one-handed cleaning and handling mechanism offers a high level of hygiene. 


Enjoy More Room In Your Lavatory! 

Imagine that unsightly look of filthy toilet brush in the corner of your lavatory. Feels Obnoxious, RIGHT? Besides, doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing at all. To relieve that pain, our toilet cleaner is designed small and compact for easy storage and reduced space consumption in the restroom. The distinct packaging style & color makes it look great in the bathroom as well. 


A Perfect All-In-One Solution! 

What’s included in there?

  • Cleaning Wand – the bowed and long structure helps you easily reach all the nooks and crannies of the bowl.
  • Storage Caddy – includes a lid and wand holding area for easy handling and storage. The refills are stored in the caddy.
  • Sponge Heads – comes with 8 disposable sponge heads. Refills are also available. 


Effective Cleaning In a Single Go!

Big things come in small packages, and that's especially true with our Toilet Cleaning Wand. Not only is it incredibly effective, but effortless too! The brush head has a 3-layered scraper sponge that ensures a thorough clean every time to remove all the toughest messes and odors.

The 3 segments include; 

  • The upper pre-filled fluid sheet – no gel cleaner needed.
  • The middle scraping cloth – to remove crusted grime easily.
  • The last sponge layer – to go easily into the curves of the bowl. 


Clip – Sweep – Toss! 

Do you hate spending long, arduous hours scrubbing your toilet? If so, WBM's Cleaning Wand is for you! In just three steps and a matter of minutes, it leaves you with a sparkling-clean toilet. 

  • Simply open the storage caddy. Take your cleaning wand, and CLIP the refill sponge.
  • Thoroughly SWEEP the toilet bowl with one hand.
  • Once done with the cleaning, flush the water and TOSS the head into the trash bin. 


‘Eliminates 99.9% of Germs’ 

Safety without the Bacterial Chase! Keep your hands & home free and protected from those pesky germs hiding in corners and crevices. The durable construction erases 99.9% of all bacteria, making it a top-notch, safe, and hygienic pick for those who want to keep their homes & families healthy all along. 

What’s more? 

#1. No more stained toilet – Just that sparkling clean look! 

#2. Easily despite the material of the toilet – porcelain, ceramic, or plastic.

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Choudhray Waqas Akash


It works very well. Clean the toilet just in one wash.

Zaid ali