Best Home Cleaning Tools & Brushes in Pakistan 2022

Having access to the best home cleaning products in Pakistan guarantees that homes can be spotlessly cleaned without any nasty, harmful chemicals. Everyone gets tired of cleaning their home the same old way? With W Home Cleaning Tools & Brushes, you can give yourself an upgrade to make your home less messy. These home cleaning brushes provide users with safe and effective solutions for even deep levels of dirt and grime. Not only these W Home Cleaning Tools are capable of delivering a high standard of hygiene but they also won’t leave behind any unhealthy residue – meaning your home will stay clean for longer! 

Which are the Best Home Cleaning Products to Clean your Home? 

With the right cleaning tools, you can cope with any messes you might come across and make it easier to maintain a clean home inside and out. At W Home, we have an exclusive range of best-quality cleaning products, you can quickly equip your home with all the essential cleaning tools it needs! From broom brushes and mops to kitchen cleaning and toilet brushes, we offer you excellent options that make housekeeping a breeze – saving you both time and effort for a clean home without stress! 

Which Brushes are the Best W Home Cleaning Available Online? 

With so many options of cleaning products available, you’ll quickly find the perfect brush for your home – allowing you to tackle even large-scale cleaning tasks in no time. The best W Home Cleaning Tools & Brushes which are available online in Pakistan are: 

  1. W Home Broom Brush 

  2. W Home Push Broom Brush  

  3. W Home Carpet Brush 

  4. W Home Broom Brush & Dustpan Set 

  5. W Home Microfiber Flat Mop 

  6. W Home 2-in-1 Toilet Brush 

  7. W Home Floor Brush 

  8. W Home Floor Brush with Handle 

  9. W Home Dustpan & Brush 

  10. W Home Window Squeegee 

  11. W Home Microfiber Duster with Extension 

  12. W Home Multi-Color Cleaning Duster 

  13. W Home Microfiber Cleaning Towel 

  14. W Home Household Cleaning Wipes 

What are the Different Types of Brushes for Home Cleaning? 

A clean home is essential for a healthier lifestyle and a more pleasant living environment. Knowing the right brush and tool to use for different cleaning tasks can make your home cleaning routine much more efficient. Here are three essential types of brushes you should have in your home-cleaning arsenal.

  • The 1st brush is Scrub Brush, which has stiff bristles that are great for getting into tight corners and crevices, or for removing stuck-on grime from countertops and other hard surfaces

  • The 2nd is Dustpan Brush, which has softer bristles that help sweep up dust and small debris from floors or carpets

  • The 3rd is the Floor Brush, which has durable bristles with an ergonomic handle that makes it easier than ever to keep floors clean. It can even be used on surfaces such as tile, linoleum, stone, and marble!

  • Finally, the Toilet Brush is an important tool for deep cleaning toilets and other bathroom fixtures

Buy Home Cleaning Brushes Online for Floor, Tile, and Carpet Cleaning

For those looking to keep their floors spotless, now there is an easy way to get the job done. W Home Cleaning Products are now available for purchase online for floor, tile, and carpet cleaning. These home cleaning brushes are specifically designed to quickly break down dirt, grime, and other substances that may be stuck on hard surfaces. The bristles of the brush can reach into crevices and cracks to thoroughly clean any type of floor or surface. These house cleaners are great for removing pet hair from carpets and rugs.

  1. W Home Broom Brush 

  2. W Home Push Broom Brush 

  3. W Home Carpet Brush 

  4. W Home Broom Brush & Dustpan Set

  5. W Home Floor Brush with Handle

 Buy WBM Long-Handle Broom Floor Cleaning Brush Online in Pakistan

Clean Floor, Easily! These W Home Cleaning Brushes lets you clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas in your home quickly and easily. The perfect broom floor cleaning brush for all types of surfaces without the mess and hassle - no bending over needed! An extended handle gives you reach access hard to clean areas, helping make your home look spotless in less time than ever before. Get yours now and enjoy a fresh start every day! 

Why choose the W Home Brushes for Home Cleaning? 

  • Durable bristles made of high-quality PET/TPR/PP and extended aluminum rod for heavy-duty cleaning 

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, also for dry and wet cleaning 

  • Easy storage in cupboards and behind the doors with the built-in hole in the floor cleaning brush 

W Home High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Brush Available Online 

  1. The W Home Carpet Cleaning Brush is specifically designed to remove debris, dust, lint, and pet hair from carpets 

  2. Strong PP bristles that remove lint, and pet hair from carpets 

  3. Easy to wash with soapy water that removes dirt, and lint from the carpet brush, keeping it clean for next use 

  4. Ergonomic design with long detachable aluminum handle with built-in hole for easy storage behind doors and inside cupboards 

Buy Broom Brush & Dustpan Set Online in Pakistan 

With W Home Broom Brush & Dustpan Set, convenience is paramount! The perfect addition to your cleaning tool kit. The super-quality bristles are odorless and designed for dirt, dust, and pet hair removal. Also, the soft rubber lip design at the dustpan with a slant easily captures spills and particles with no fuss. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip as you sweep your space clean and store the broom brush and dustpan set inside cupboards or behind the doors. 

How do use the Broom Brush & Dustpan? 

With this dual brush set, sweeping up dirt, crumbs, and other debris is fast and simple. The broom sweeps away dirt and debris from hardwood floors. The bristled brush is perfect for getting into tight corners or crevices. And the dustpan locks securely onto the handle of the broom for easy transport or storage. Plus, it comes with a built-in lip that helps keep messes entrapped while you clean.

Buy Microfiber Floor Mop with Latest Price Online from 

Next, comes the W Home Microfiber Flat Mop that let you freshen up your living space without worrying about the environment. We give you the reasons why to choose this Microfiber Flat Mop: 

  1. With the power of microfiber cloth for an efficient and thorough cleaning, with one microfiber cloth that can be reused after being washed. This means that you don’t have to keep buying disposable mops and clothes all of the time

  2. From hardwood to linoleum and everything in between, this flat mop is specially designed for wet and dry sweeping and cleaning of all floor types

  3. The 360-degree rotation of the microfiber floor mop allows you to clean every corner of your room quickly and easily 

  4. The super absorbent cloth ensures that all dirt, dust, and debris are grabbed up in no time at all

  5. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make for a comfortable grip while in use, making it effortless to mop without fatigue or strain

  6. When it’s time for a replacement mop head, simply order Microfiber Flat Mop Refills available directly from W Home - no additional shopping necessary!

W Home Toilet Brush 2-in-1 Online in Pakistan

The W Home 2-in-1 Toilet Brush is designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient. Its durable bristles allow for multiple times uses, removing dirt from the rim of your toilet bowl without scratching or damaging it in any way. Not only that, but its 2-in-1 function allows for both wiping and scrubbing your toilet, providing you with a thorough clean every time!

Buy Floor Brush with Handle Online in Pakistan 

With the Floor Brush with Handle by W Home, you can scrub your floor like never before. Its firm and sturdy bristles provide an extra deep clean to your floors while also allowing you to take care of other home cleaning tasks such as tiles, walls, and shoes. No more corners or nooks being skipped over when it comes time for a deep clean! 

  • For heavy-duty cleaning of dirt and stubborn stains 

  • Effectively cleans tiles, walls, and sneakers 

  • Ergonomic design with non-slip comfort grip handle for efficient floor cleaning 

  • Hook design for easy storage on bathroom and kitchen walls 

Buy W Home Dustpan & Brush Online

Deep cleaning is made simple with this W Home Dustpan & Brush - you will be left wondering how you ever lived without it! The Dustpan & Brush is perfect for spotless cleanliness. Whether you need to brush away lint, dust, or pet hair, this tool guarantees deep cleaning as it features an ergonomic grip handle that gives you complete control when maneuvering the product. With a durable rubber lip on the dustpan and bristles made of sturdy material, this product ensures maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Which Squeegee is the Best for Windows? 

With W Home Window Squeegee, you get the perfect combination of materials and design for streak-free window cleaning. Our ergonomic grip and durable rubber lip are designed to make it easy to clean spots on your windows without leaving smears or scratching the glass. Moreover, our comfortable handle increases comfort while gripping lightly ensures that you won’t slip during use. Enjoy perfectly clean windows with this Window Cleaner!

Buy W Home Microfiber Duster with Extension at the Best Price Online 

Powerful cleaning with microfiber makes your chore easy. This W Home Microfiber Duster with Extension features super soft and lint-free microfiber cloth to attract dust, dirt, and small particles effortlessly with electrostatic adsorption. A non-slip comfort grip on the handle ensures you stay in control while dusting inside hard-to-reach places as well as under furniture. Plus, it’s machine washable for repeated use over time! So, keep your home clean without sacrificing comfort or convenience!

Buy Multi-Color Cleaning Duster Online from 

The Multi-Color Cleaning Duster for your home brings a touch of style to any space while keeping your house dust-free all the time. You need to choose the W Home Multi-Color Cleaning Duster because: 

  1. With the fluffy PP fibers are flexible enough and never let the dust escape from the cleaning duster 

  2. Efficient enough for cleaning cobwebs from windows, tables, and bookshelves 

  3. Comfortable non-slip grip with the plastic protective cover that ensures that the duster brush last for multiple time usage 

Buy W Home Microfiber Cleaning Towels Online in Pakistan

These W Home Microfiber Cleaning Towels are perfect for all of your kitchen and bathroom needs. The towels have been designed to be soft yet durable, wiping away grime without leaving any scratches behind on surfaces. Additionally, the fabric is machine washable for convenience and durability, allowing you to use it multiple times before tossing it in the laundry bin. With this multipurpose towel at home, you'll never worry about those grimy areas again!

Buy Certified Antibacterial Wet Wipes Online in Pakistan 

Here comes the W Home Household Wipes available online at These household wipes are made of thick, non-woven, and durable materials for effective cleaning in homes and offices. These wet wipes have natural lemon extract that wipes away bacteria and germs. A perfect choice for home and kitchen cleaning! 

Windex Original Glass Cleaner by WBM, Anti Dust Extra Shine Spray Bottle 

Windex Glass Cleaner provides a streak-free clean for any glass surface. It leaves your windows gleaming and crystal clear, so you can take pride in the view from your home. Plus, it's powerful enough to cut through grease and grime without leaving streaks or smudges. Enjoy the convenience of always having the best window cleaning solution on hand!

With W Home Cleaning Tools and Brushes, it’s so much easier to take charge of your home's cleanliness. From brooms and smothers to mops, sponges, and dusters, you can always find the right products online that will help you tackle dirt and clutter like a professional. With the best prices on quality items, W Home offers unbeatable value for money every time, so order now!