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  • LED Solar Spotlights: No more struggling to find solar lighting for outdoor spaces. With these WBM Smart 20 LED solar spotlights, you can have plenty of solar lighting no matter where you are
  • For Outdoor Landscape: Much more fashionable, and unique compared to traditional lighting. Get these solar spotlights as security lights for the patio, wall, porch, garden, and lawn. Plus, these can be widely used for lighting courtyards and other outdoor areas
  • Dual Lighting Modes: Adjust the lighting modes of the Solar Spotlights to high-level mode (12 hrs.) or low-level mode (6 hrs.) for the perfect lighting for outdoor
  • Leading Waterproof: Able to deal with the breakthroughs to withstand heavy weather as made with durable ABS plastic than other lights
  • Convenience: No need to run wires or plug any type of adaptors into the wall. Place the Spotlights on the ground and lighten the outdoor landscapes beautifully with a height between 6.5 and 13 feet
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is Our Passion, so ensuring a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers
Ambiance on your Lawn!


Solar outdoor spotlights are on the rise, thanks to their eco-friendly nature. Thinking about why solar outdoor lights are on hype nowadays, as they use less energy than traditional lighting sources, and they are environmentally friendly as they produce no waste.

Solar Outdoor Spotlights Are Green!

Perfect to create a soothing and beautiful nighttime ambiance. With these outdoor solar lights, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing efficiency and safety! These solar lights are perfect for adding an extra level of comfort and enjoyment to your outdoor activities, while also conserving energy.

Outdoor Lighting


The ultimate outdoor solar lighting requires just 5 things! Well, when you are interested in a truly amazing outdoor solar lighting experience, here are some of the functions in our solar lights that get the job done right!

  • Solar Charging is always on top! Charge through direct sunlight in the daytime and illuminate the outdoors at nighttime
  • Be seen in the darkest of moments with 20 LED beads for maximum brightness and 120o lighting angle, helping you see where you need to be!
  • With LED lighting and Weather-Resistant construction, they'll stay lit even in the brightest rain showers

As outdoor lighting is essential for enhancing outdoor landscapes so, get these WBM Smart Solar Spotlights to create a truly immersive and breathtaking experience.

 Solar-Powered Spotlights Saves Energy!


Today, many homeowners are turning to solar-powered spotlights as an eco-friendly solution for their lighting needs. Solar-powered spotlights not only help save energy but also help reduce pollution.
No harmful emissions, no more energy usage! Convenient to use and install plus an eco-friendly way to light your home so, these solar spotlights are the perfect lighting solutions! Outdoor solar spotlights let you light up your surroundings without using any battery. Every night, these spotlights beam a bright light out into the night sky to help you see in the dark.

Solar Light’s Secret Power


Many people use solar outdoor lights to illuminate their yards or pathways at night, but not many know that these solar lights have an automatic function that turns the solar lights off during the day, so as not to waste energy. Solar outdoor lights have a sensitive photo-resistor sensor and amorphous silicon solar panel that collects the sunlight energy and converts it to solar energy.
Charge the solar spotlights in the daytime under direct sunlight energy and lighten up your garden, pathways, backyards, and stairs at night for the perfect outdoor view.

Smart LED Bulb


When the dim outdoor lighting looms over your outdoor parties, do you like enjoying the tradition of the wintertime? If so, then choose to upgrade to the LED Outdoor Spotlights, which took steps close to the future of solar lights with the spotlight's built-in state-of-the-average sensor.
Now that you know, Motion Sensor Dusk to Dawn Light Outdoor Lights serves dual purposes, both for lighting your outdoor areas and for cultivating a mood.

LED Solar Spotlights


Turn Your Porches & Yards into a Lively Place! LED Solar Spotlights! The warm glow of the solar spotlights transforms outdoor spaces into an inviting oasis. Whether you're looking to add a little extra light during your evening walks or add a touch of elegance to your backyard patio, solar spotlights are the perfect solution.
For the walkways, backyards, and driveways, use them as security lights at night!
These solar spotlights are the ones to fit your every need. So why wait? Add solar spotlights to your list of summer must-haves today!
potlights that Never


When the weather's bleak, turn to your outdoor solar spotlights for some relief! These IP65 waterproof, heat-resistance, and frost-resistance solar lights can keep you warm no matter what the conditions are! Our solar lights allow you to enjoy the outdoor winter days sitting in your backyard at night without needing to use harsh lights.
When you have convenience in these outdoor solar lights with their IP65 waterproof ability, what else do you need? Always ahead of the traditional lighting that withstands severe weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snowstorm, and intense sunlight. When you have these, you can get started right away lighting up your outdoor landscape!

Solar Spotlights


Solar spotlights have been improving in their performance and affordability for some time now, but a recent innovation has made them even more versatile and user-friendly.
The easy mounting options, make it easier for the user to install them on the rooftops, walls, or in the garden. These solar light sources can now be used for a wide range of purposes, from illuminating your yard at night to lighting up a conference room.

  • If you want to lighten up your garden, lawn, backyard, or patio, insert them with the stake connected to the brackets of the solar spotlights.
  • If you want to install these solar lights on rooftops, or walls outdoors, just screw them tightly into the walls with nails and you are good to go!

Solar Spotlights are a Bang! The Future of Solar Lighting is Here that Illuminates the Outdoor Landscapes for a Perfect Night View!

Solar Spotlights

See What People Are Saying!

Naveed Naqvi


These solar spot light are great. Small and can put anywhere. But the brightness is amazing on how they light up a large area. I have purchased for the side of my home and they light up a nice walking path at night.

Hina Rehman


I just moved into the house so it gets DARK quickly and needed something to help guide me! I charged this all day and it already started working and let up the side of my house really well! Good so far!

Navi Khan


I'm very impressed with these lights; nice quality and easy assembly. They are nice and bright and have a wide range of adjustment for the angle to get the spotlights right where you want them. I like that they are solar powered with auto on/off; , but after that we were good to go. They look great at the base of our trees and definitely add beauty to our yard.

Muhammad Ali


Takes a while to initially charge, this led solar spotlight brighten the night. Can't figure out how to point them lower than 90° - so best used to illuminate a wall or plant or upright fixture.

Khawar Sultan


I recently upgraded my yard and was looking for little ways to upgrade inexpensively and elevate the area. I was so impressed with WBM smart led solar spot light and the quality. They really upgrade the whole area and show off my garden and landscaping. Would recommend for anyone look doing the same.

Hiba Mahamadi


The lights came as easy to install. Super easy, snap on and stick on the ground, wait for night-time. I have pets, and giving them (me) the ability to see them when I get home at night really helps. They love to walk around the garage and the lights turning on when they come around makes more aware of them.

Shafqat Hussain


I feel like to say this- WOW is these bright. These easily light up large outdoor area and I'm very happy that they can be mounted or put into the ground with the stakes that are provided because I may continue to move them around until I find the right spots. They are made of plastic but feel very durable. Simple to assemble led solar spotlight, takes seconds and easy to adjust as well.



I got these to complement my landscaping during the night time. The base is adjustable and you're able to adjust the angle to however you need it. The product itself seems durable enough to survive the heat; the actual steaks that stick into the ground are plastic but also seem durable. They are bright enough and serve their purpose as led solar spot light.



I love these initially got them for my mom but will be reordering a pair for her my garden is in progress and I have so many plans for these. The picture shows the dim setting I can't wait to have night get together on my garden this will add the perfect amount of light and the charge really last throughout the use.

Rabia Tahir


WOW, they are bright. Incredibly efficient, too. Despite being placed in a somewhat shaded area under the tree, they are charged enough to light on High mode all night. The light is a very pleasant soft white/incandescent-color light. Construction feels sturdy, but not brittle. But for now I more pleased with the purchase of WBM smart led solar spot light!