Cooking Oil

 is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of culinary products, including cooking oils that are cold-pressed. The brand is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality and healthy products that are sourced from the best regions. Himalayan Chef Cold-Pressed Cooking Oils are made using a traditional method that involves crushing seeds using a heavy stone mill. This process ensures that the oils retain their natural flavors and nutrients, making them healthier than other types of oils that are processed using heat and chemicals.

What is Cold Pressed Oil?

Cold-Pressed Oils are extracted from oilseeds by applying moderate pressure without any heat treatment. They are also referred to as virgin oil or cold-drawn oil and are extracted using a traditional method that involves crushing the seeds at room temperature without the use of harmful chemicals or preservatives. This process is preferred as it prevents the depletion of natural nutrients that are essential for good health. Cold-pressed oils are rich in antioxidants, which help prevent chronic illnesses, making them highly beneficial for health. The method used to make cold-pressed oils is the key to their quality as it maintains their natural flavor, aroma, and nutrition. There are several types of cold-pressed oils, including sesame, mustard, and groundnut oils, which are completely natural and healthy.

Why choose cold-pressed oils instead of other oils?

In Pakistan, cold-pressed oil is regarded as one of the greatest types of vegetable oil. A person can use this oil frequently due to its abundance of advantages. Here are some of the benefits of using cold-pressed oil for health:

  • May reduce heart disorders and increases heart health

  • It might combat cancer.

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Improved skin health (Improves skin, hair & tooth health)

  • It could raise insulin sensitivity.

  • Brings up healthy cholesterol

  • Regulates blood sugar

  • Lessens tension

  • Keeps liver disorders at bay

  • Decreases weight

  • Increases immune system vigor

  • Enhanced Digestion

  • Reducing Cholesterol

  • Fixes the body

Directly or indirectly, every single health issue facing this generation may be traced back to refined and contaminated oil. Being smart will help you choose your daily food intake more carefully.

Benefits you will get from cold-pressed oils

Now that we are aware of the advantages of cold-pressed oils and how they are extracted, let's look at some of their benefits.

  • The oil contains all the essential components, including lecithin, phospholipids, and vitamins. The human body can benefit greatly from each of these ingredients.

  • They retain all of their nutritional value because they are extracted from the seeds in their original state without using heat.

  • It benefits human skin and aids in weight loss because it doesn't contain extra calories.

  • The oils are all-natural and free of harmful compounds. The corporations employ toxic chemicals including hexane, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide, and other bleaching agents throughout the refining process. These artificial additives and preservatives are absent from cold-pressed oils, which are also organic.

  • Natural anti-oxidants included in cold-pressed oils help to lessen the harm done to body cells by free radicals. Vitamin E, which has numerous anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects, is also abundant in oils.

    Difference between Cold Pressed & Refined Oil


    Cold Pressed Oils

    Refined Oils

    Extraction process

    Pressed using hydraulic press or expeller

    Extracted using high heat, chemicals or solvents

    Nutritional value

    Retains natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals

    Stripped of some natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals

    Flavor and aroma

    Rich and robust, with distinct flavor and aroma

    Neutral flavor and aroma

    Health Effect 

    Good for health

    Not good for health

    Shelf life

    Shorter shelf life due to the presence of natural oils

    Longer shelf life due to processing and removal of natural oils

    Cold-Pressed Cooking Oils by Himalayan Chef

    Himalayan Chef is offering the following cooking oils:

    • Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)

    • Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin)

    • Corn Oil (Extra Virgin)

    • Sunflower Oil (Extra Virgin)

    • Canola Oil (Extra Virgin)

    • Mustard Oil (Extra Virgin)

    • Olive Oil (Pomace)

    • Vegetable Oil (Extra Virgin)

    • Desi Ghee

    The healing qualities of some cold-pressed oils

    Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: Contains lauric acid, which provides antiviral effects and can promote metabolism, immunity, and healthy hair and skin.

    Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil: Abundant in vitamins A and E and antioxidants that can aid in skin health by regenerating damaged skin cells.

    Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Can lower the risk of various diseases like heart diseases, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. It also helps promote gut health and is ideal for salad dressings.

    Cold Pressed Mustard Oil: Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid, which can lower inflammation, oxidative stress, and the risk of heart attack. It can also alleviate pain caused by arthritis.

    The Cold Pressed Oils: A Few Brief Facts

    • Cold-pressed coconut oil has a smoking point of 180 degrees Celsius and refined coconut oil has a smoking point of 210 degrees Celsius.

    • There is a myth that food deep-fried in cold-pressed oils is inferior to food deep-fried in refined oils. Yet, the reality is rather different. The cold-pressed oils are completely good for frying and give the same flavour as the refined oil because most deep-fried recipes are prepared at temperatures between 120 and 150 degrees Celsius.

    • When kept in the recommended conditions, the cold-pressed oils have a shelf life of six months.

    • Always examine the label and search for organic components to get the most out of cold-pressed oil.

    The Cold-Pressed Oil: How to Use It

    It is advisable to use cold-pressed oil in cooking because it is rich in nutrients and has no negative effects on our health. The advantage of using Cold-Pressed Oil over Refined Oil is that you need less oil to complete a cooking operation. For example, if a specific cooking activity calls for 2 liters of refined oil, the same task will only require 1 liter of cold-pressed oil. Cold-pressed oils are therefore economical in that sense. When using cold-pressed oil for cooking, it's important to keep a few things in mind. 

    • Firstly, it's crucial to use these oils in limited. 

    • Secondly, it's best to avoid exposing them to high levels of heat to prevent them from losing their beneficial properties. 

    • Instead, cold-pressed oils should be used primarily for their flavor-enhancing qualities. For some oils, such as sesame and olive oil, they can be sprinkled directly onto food and exposed to heat without issue. Overall, it's important to exercise caution when using cold-pressed oils in cooking and to use them sparingly.