WBM Shoe Care Shoe Polish - 50ml

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  • Preserves Shoe Color: If you love your shoes, you will love natural shoe polish. W Shoe Care Shoe Polish has a solvent-free formula that preserves and restores the color of the footwear
  • Leather Nourishing: This rich formula of natural oils and waxes makes the shoe material shine, nourish, and restores the original color, giving them a shiny look
  • Water-Repellent: Natural waxes and oils are proven water-repellent. With one swipe of the shoe polish on your shoes and get all the dirt away for a longer shiny look
  • Eco-Friendly: The solvent-free and eco-friendly contains natural ingredients and comes in easily-handled packaging of 50 ml that is easy to carry in luggage
  • Availability: This Shoe Cleaning Polish is available in 3 different colors: Black, Brown, and Neutral color. You can choose according to your needs
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers

See What People Are Saying!

Fida Hussain


I m glad to use this shoe polish and say thanks to WBM shoe care for this amazing product. This polish bring a outstanding shine to my shoe and it prevent it from damage.

Shafaq Siddiqui


I recommend this shoe polish to my friend and family member. When I start using it my friends ask you buy a new shoes I said no but they say me that which polish do you use which shine is so good then I recommend this.

Muhammad Fahim


The WBM shoe care shoe polish is same as I see in the picture. This is not a bit change. The color is so outstanding. It doesn’t harm your shoe although it enhances the beauty and increase personality.

Muhammad Adil


The price is normal no so high. Its smells good. Absolutely wonderful! After just one application there’s a significant improvement. This is a great product. My shoes looked way better after the first time I used it. The shine was enhanced significantly and I expect that to improve the more I use it. Easy to use. I recommend using this.

Ahmad Faraz


Natural oils and waxes have been shown to absorb moisture. Get rid of every dirt from your shoes with only one swipe of the shoe polish for a longer-lasting sparkling appearance.



I am really very satisfied from this polish. This receives me in a very good packaging. The service is so good I am a big fan of their service. The customer support is also so good. So I buy this polish due to its reputation.

Atir Jawad


The WBM shoe care polish is quite effective. It revitalises my shoe. My mom advised me to use this shoe polish before buying shoes because it would make them shine and look amazing.

Abid Ali


I buy this because this easy to carry and take it anywhere. I have a flight of UK and I want best shoe polish which is easily carried in my luggage and give a beauty look to my shoes. My shoes are very expensive and I want a natural and high quality shoe polish which maintains colour and texture of my shoes.

Hooria Kashif


I love my shoes and I also love natural shoe polish. Through this shoe polish my shoes get a new look. In this natural oil is used through which my shoes get shine. This restores my shoe colour and prevents it from damage.

Sunnia Ghazi


I buy shoe polish, but I don't think anyone will trust that WBM offers a money-back assurance and free returns. My money is secure because if there is ever a problem with the product or I don't like it, I can get a refund.