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  • Self-Shining Polish: If you're a shoe lover, you know that keeping your shoes looking new is a constant battle. Get the WBM Shoe Care Liquid Shoe Polish that shines, nourishes, and restores your footwear.
  • Natural Oil & Wax: The Liquid Polish has the touch of natural oils and beeswax and is free from toxic chemicals that maintain the quality of your shoes with no damage
  • Color-Nourishing Polish: Shoe Polish is a great way to keep your shoes looking new. It can be used on many shoes, from sneakers to dress shoes.
  • Easy Applicator Shoe Polish: With the double-layered sponge with an easy applicator, both are durable and keep your shoes looking shiny within seconds
  • Availability: This Polish for shoes is available in different 3 colors: Black, Brown, and neutral. Choose as per your choice.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


Lasting Shine & Color Protection

WBM  Liquid Shoe Care Polish, which contains natural beeswax, you can make your shoes shine brighter than any other and stand out confidently among the crowd. Feed your shoes, bring back the lather’s natural gloss, and shield them from the elements. You will receive shoe polish in a bottle that is quite simple to use. Due to the beeswax touch, one application will undoubtedly provide a difference between the before and after appearance. 


No Mess, Easy, Even Application!

You will receive the highest grade polish because we never skimp on quality. To extend the life of your shoes, use WBM shoe Care polishes in your daily shoe care routine.  Your shoes including pumps, heels, oxford, boots, sneakers, etc., will look great. Liquid shoe polishes brilliantly shine your shoes in a matter of seconds. Make sure your shoes are clean and dry before wearing them. Remove the cap to reveal the applicator sponge and shake well before using. 


Without the trouble of a brush, towel, or shoe polish, lightly sponge all of the shoes. Don’t forget to replace the bottle’s cap after usage and let the product air dry first. Your shoes are completely cared for and protected by shoe polish.  It is ideal for use at home, at work, when traveling, and during everyday activities. Available in Brown, Neutral, and Black

Quick, simple, and clean!

It not only shines, but it also feeds your leather products. Perfect for all smooth leather, faux leather, and vinyl, as well as shoes, boots, and purses!


  • WBM liquid shoe Care polish is ideal for all types of shoes for shining and cleaning. 
  • Beeswax touch, liquid shoe polish nourishes leather, conceals scuffs, and is water resistant.
  • Restores the soft feel of the shoes, cleans and maintains them, and makes them look good. 
  • Leaves a brilliant shine in a matter of seconds when you softly brush sponge over the entire pair of shoes. 

 Clean, Care, & Protect


Our water-based clean solutions efficiently remove any accumulated filth and rapidly rejuvenate leather while improving the freshness of the products.


Our solutions increase elasticity while softening and moisturizing like lotion. They are designed to shine, keep leather flexible, and stop it from drying out.


Leather needs protection from the elements just like you do for your priceless skin. To deter rain and stains, our Protect products act as a protective layer.


Cleanse, nourish, and shine all at once!

To begin applying liquid, depress the applicator.

  • You should dust the shoes off before shaking on the liquid. When ready, you should apply pressure to the shoes until the central portion pops, activating the liquid.

Press down and move the leather back and forth.

  • Distribute evenly across the leather.

Watch how quickly your shoes shine.

  • You will notice an immediate sheen as well as slight defects or scuff coverage.