Support Policy Page

WBM always attempts to improve the shopping flexibility of its clients through every possible movement. The guidance and support are not merely connected with the range of goods, but also connected to the professional services. We always strive to offer beneficial, clear,and convenient online services for our customers. To support this commitment, we provide a  Customer Support Policy that provides a detailed description of the customer’s obligation. Our company has assembled a hardworking and considerate customer service team that will work hard to help you and address any questions you may have. Your safety, security, and interests are all handled with great care. Our dedication to demanding service standards is reinforced by this Customer Service Code of Conduct. Customer Service is in essence, about people and communication more than anything else. We go far beyond the technical aspects of our products or services. We try our best to fulfil the customer’s demands and aim upon a mission by relying on the further principles:

  1. Servicing the needs of the customers and preparing according to that is the key to our success
  2. Serving the customers humbly, happily, and respectfully
  3. Learning to understand our customers’ needs and listening and catering to these issues attentively
  4. Communicating truthfully, properly, and politely
  5. Working toward her or his appearance with humility, generosity, and integrity

Pre-Order Support.

To ensure the highest quality professional services, WBM  has developed an exceptional track record of happy customers over the past years. If we discover that any forgetting of this policy, illegality, unacceptable behavior, or triggering of an unpleasant client encounter occurs, the agency may take corrective measures that we believe appropriate. We strive to provide the customers with maximum benefits before they place their order:

  • Active and Fast Customer Support Service
  • Transparent and Clear Policies regarding orders
  • Easy Refunds, and Returns
  • Easy to Access the Customer Care Representatives through Chat, Call, and Email)

Our customer care team gladly reaches out to your questions and queries regarding the products and services we supply. You can get in touch with the customer service team directly the product knowledge before you place an order. Our customer service department offers courteous advice to help you get the most out of our offerings.

Post-Order Support.

Both parties authorize the transaction once the order has been accepted. Once the order has been shipped out, the authorization is deemed verified. If there is a reason why we are unable to process your order, we will be sure to notify you via email, text, or phone call. Unpaid fees will be refunded to you immediately if you cancel your order before the product has been dispatched.If you are unable to receive the items you ordered by the time the items arrive in our warehouse,our customer care representative will contact you by SMS, phone, or email.

Delivery Support.

Although we take every measure to arrive on time with the order (around the same timeframe, 4-7 days for neighboring cities; 1-2 days for other regions), there might be delays due to unexpected circumstances even if you have ordered early. Once your order has been shipped,you will receive a notification in the lead time provided. Once, the order is on the way, you can track your order with the tracking number provided to you through call, SMS, or email.

Shipping Charges.

The standard delivery charges apply to your order depending upon the distance. Although, we also offer free shipping on orders depending upon the number of orders you have placed.Post Delivery Support.WBM  aims to fulfill the requirements of its customers whenever possible. We strive to be proactive in our services, rather than offering apologies.

Returns and Refunds.

We offer fast and easy returns and refunds just like the way you bought them. You can file a request for a return or refund after your order is delivered. We try to solve your problem if your order is damaged, blemished, or inaccurate. We always try to provide 100% customer satisfaction to the customers with a 100% money-back guarantee. No need to worry if your order is not up to the mark. We will also help you with this.If you are dissatisfied with your order, we'll give you a full refund upon delivery. If for whatever reason there is a need to get a refund, we provide a wide array of options for refunds, including Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, bank transfers, and refund vouchers.

After Sales Support.

Clients' reviews and ratings, feedback, and suggestions are the most important tools for us. The reviews and suggestions are the means to meeting our company's goals and surpassing customer expectations. So we accept their objections and recommendations respectfully. You can always reach our customer support team for further queries.

Email us at or call 0300 0807950. Our customer care team will get back to you within 24-48 hours.