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  • shahzeb memon


    Awesome Kit! Expensive for the quantity you receive, but this kit works wonders. I like it. I've only been using it for a few of weeks, but already I can tell a significant change. I've used a number of WBM items for years because I've always loved the brand. Very happy with the kit.

  • mrs. ghulam maher


    Great kit! I could definitely see a significant change in my skin after using it for a week. The kit is incredible. I'll include this into my daily skin care routine. It is quite delicate and effective. Very satisfied client...

  • Shadab Qambar


    It does what it claims! When I started using this lotion, I started getting lots of compliments on my skin. I'll keep using this product.It comes in a lovely package. My order arrives extremely quickly. This is packaged in a box when I receive it, and the box is then wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it from leaks or any damage. Very Impressed.


Care Naturally Nurtures! 

The natural care you need! Give yourself the pampering of a lifetime – naturally with WBM Care! We give will all-natural products that work to restore, rejuvenate, and nourish your skin. We guarantee results you can trust while feeling confident that you’re indulging in natural self-care secrets from nature. This WBM Care’s Women Care Kit nourishes skin cells and ensures long-term hydration and smoothness that often gets lost in everyday life. 


Natural Care, Packed In. 

Everything a woman needs for her care is in this "Head to Toe Rejuvenation Kit". Convert your bathroom into an enchanted spa haven! As you unwind, revive, and refresh your body, mind, and spirit in the privacy of your bathtub, watch your tension melt away. Everything you need to pamper yourself from head to toe is in our luxurious Women Care Set!


Color-Changing Lip Balm

Heals, Hydrates & Moisturizes


Amino Acid Facial Cleanser

Deep Cleanses the Skin


Rose & Avocado Shampoo

Lock Silkiness & Strength


Rose & Pearl Body Wash

Moisturizing & Brightening 


Rose & Avocado Body Lotion

Deep Protection & Nourishment


Create your Lip Color!

Bring your lips to life with W Beauty Color-Changing Lip Balm! Make every conversation a lip-sync battle with this magical lip cream. Just apply when you're feeling feisty and watch as your lips transform magically to the perfect shade for the occasion. The hydrating sensation of this balm will leave your lips SPARKLE-LICIOUS! With each application, your lips will turn a different shade of pink or purple – just like a real lipstick! Our lip balm provides a long-lasting pigment that changes the hue along with your skin’s temperature. 

‘Apply it before bed for a flushed, natural look in the morning, or apply it during the day for a pop of brightness.’


Pamper Your Face with the Freshness of Nature. 

Indulge in the supremacy of nature! Nature can be your best friend when it comes to a facial cleanser. All you need to choose is one with some simple yet effective ingredients like W Beauty Amino Acid Facial Cleanser and you’re good to go! Graced with a prolific amount of active amino acids, known to be effective at cleansing, cell-regenerating, and restoring skin. further infused with Vitamin C and essences of olive, witch hazel, purslane, damask rose, and 84+ minerals in Himalayan Pink Salt, boosting skin’s collagen formation, giving a smooth nourished, and overall pump facial look. 


Unlock Silkiness & Strength. 

Inspired by Nature, and formulated with natural rose and avocado extracts, infused with vitamin E, and amino acids help to lock in silkiness and strength for long-lasting results. Natural goodness is infused with Vitamin E which helps promote healthier scalp circulation and hair growth. Not only leaves you feeling cleaner, but this WBM Care Rose & Avocado Shampoo also helps maintain healthy-looking locks that are full of shine! Give yourself a daily bouquet of roses! You can achieve the ultimate look, moisturized petal-soft hair as well as soothe and hydrate your hair all day long. 


Hydrating & Gentle Cleasning. 

Tropical Paradise in a Bottle! WBM Care Body Wash is the perfect way to enjoy the tropical scents and benefits of an exotic vacation, without even leaving your bathroom! The hydrating and gentle cleansing properties of this body wash will make you feel like you're on a luxurious spa retreat, while the refreshing scent of coconuts and jasmine will virtually transport you to a paradise island! When you use this Body Wash, you're not just getting clean – you're getting the natural benefits of pure coconut and jasmine extract. These ingredients soothe and protect the skin, So go ahead and pamper yourself – your skin will thank you for it!


Deep Nourishment & Protection

In a world where so many skincare products promise ‘miracle’ results but rarely deliver, WBM Care heeds about providing real value and measurable results in the most reliable manner.

Refresh and hydrate all over with our rich, nourishing body lotion!

Need a 24/7 solution to your troublesome dry skin? WBM Care Body Lotion is the ultimate way! Our body care lotion provides instant relief from the itchy, dripping feeling that comes with extreme dryness and other sensitive skin conditions. 


Keeping your Safety Substantial! 

OH! SO GOOD! That’s for sure what you are going to say after using these all-natural products in the Women’s Care Kit. A perfect choice for the ones who own chemical-intolerant skin or always prefer going for natural substitutes. 

Guess what’s not in there? 

× No Paraben 
× No Sulfates
× No phthalates 
× No Formaldehyde 
× No Artificial Scents, etc!