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  • Powerful UV Disinfection: WBM Smart Radar & Wi-Fi UV Light can enhance your physical health by allowing you to protect yourself against your safety risks
  • Multi-Purpose Disinfection: UV Light has an excellent way to sterilize and disinfect restaurants, hospitals, schools, and offices
  • Efficient & Safe: Made using high-quality quartz with 254 nm wavelength, making its excellent use for disinfection and sterilization
  • Smart Radar Sensor for Detection: Set the radar sensing range. When the body approaches the sensing range, the LED light flashes, and a continuous warning sound is produced to prevent sterilization, ensuring safety
  • 3-Time Adjustment: Choose the appropriate sterilization time depending on the disinfection needed. After the complete sterilization, the lights turn off automatically
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is Our Passion, so we always give a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


People all over the world are striving for a germ-free lifestyle, and this is especially true when it comes to their homes. The thought of living without germs is both daunting and unappealing. We always bring tech into products for a simplified living. With new technology like the WBM Smart Radar & Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer Light, it has never been so easier to achieve and maintain a clean home. 

Achieve Germ-Free Living with Ease!  

Radar technology detects unwanted intruders such as bacteria and viruses and instantly activates and kills the unwanted microbes. Keep your home clean and healthy without having to spend a lot of time cleaning. For a germ-free and healthy living environment, a UV sterilizer light is a valuable tool that you should consider adding to your arsenal. 


Germ-Free Living! Just a matter of time before your home is treated with the Smart UV sterilizer light. Our UV Sterilizer Light easily sterilizes any area in your home with just a few passes of 254 nm wavelength UV light. Kills germs and bacteria that cause infections such as E-Coli, mold, flu viruses, and mites. By using a UV sterilizer light, protect yourself from these dangerous illnesses! 


Make your home safer and smarter with this UV Sterilizer Lamp! Relax in peace knowing that your safety is always your 1st priority. The Radar Intelligent Human Induction Sensor detects movements and alerts you before people come into the radar sensing range. The radar sensing distance of 10 meters gives you instant warning signs for safety and protection. 

How does UV Light Detect Movements? When the living being (human body, or animal) come in the range of UV light, the LED indicator light flashes quickly, and the buzzer sounds a continuous warning beep to immediately stop the sterilization procedure, ensuring safety. 


Smart technology is changing how we sterilize objects and your home and offices. Packed with smart features, this smart UV light brings the best to your table! 

  • Integrated Wi-Fi scanner for quick and easy detection of pests, and germs like bacteria and viruses 
  • LED light emits powerful UV-C rays for fast and effective sterilization 
  • Safe Radar Sensing Range of 10 meters for home sterilization and disinfection. 360o disinfection sensor that eliminates germs from every corner 
  • UV Light that comes to the rescue! 3 disinfection timing (15 mins, 30 mins, & 60 mins) according to the disinfection of the areas
  • Keep your little ones safe with the child safety lock on UV light! Children are unable to operate so, perfect for busy parents who want peace of mind 
  • Cures anything! This UV Lamp with the ozone-free tube material eliminates bacteria and viruses from athlete’s foot 


Looking to simplify your life and get a clean and safe living environment? Look no further than our UV Disinfection Light! Perfect for anyone looking to reduce the risk of infection, ensuring a healthy living environment always and ever. 

The UV Sterilizer Light is a powerful, portable device that sterilizes areas in homes, offices, hotels, schools, and hospitals. It's easy to use and helps keep your loved ones safe, eliminating 99.9% of the bacteria, molds, and viruses in a single blast!


We all know that the UV sterilizer light is a powerful tool for destroying germs and preventing diseases. However, there are some precautions that we should take to ensure that no living things are harmed during use. It is important to keep in mind that the UV sterilizer light is a powerful tool and should not be used casually. Only use it when necessary and make sure that there are no living things nearby when in use.

  • No Humans
  • No Animals 
  • No Plants 


Sterilize everything in sight with just the touch of a button! Our UV Sterilizer Light always does the trick, keeping your home germ-free all time. Follow easy and simple steps to operate the UV light for quick disinfection in homes and offices. 

  • First, press the ON button, and the red light flashes slowly, and the warning indicator buzzer turns on/off for 2 seconds, entering the UV lamp in the standby state
  • Pressing the power button again flashes red light quickly, and the warning buzzer turns on for 5 seconds. 
  • After that, select the appropriate disinfection time whether 15 mins, 30 mins, or 60 mins 
  • After the selected sterilization time, the UV lamp automatically turns off 

Safeguard Your Home Against Germ-Causing Bacteria with Smart Radar & Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer Light!

See What People Are Saying!

Malik Ehtisham


Small Size, Easy to Carry ''I am a person who has irritation for germs and then got allergy very easily. My office environment always created problems for me as at home I was already using the sterilization lamp. But with this lamp's small size, I easily place it in my car and carry it to my office. Consequently, Enjoy working all the day there. Great lamp to have.''

Arslan Sarwar


Not So Great ''Mine is not working up to my expectations so far. It is taking much time than I expected to completely sterilize my room. May be my room is big. I was thinking that it can make my large room germ-free in 15 minutes. But it is not like that. After taking time, one thing is for sure that it cleans efficiently.''



Automatic Turnoff ''I am impressed by the way this lamp works. Unlike some other disinfection lamps which I have used, this is something else. The other lamps did not tell when they have stopped working and either it is safe to enter or not. There was no indication at all. But the lights of this one, automatically turn off after the set time. This is something which makes it more user-friendly.''

Tahir Shad


Disinfectating Small Things ''In this period of Covid-19 pandemic, I will say that this light sanitizer is a blessing. I care about the health of me and my family very much. During the masks shortage, I use this lamp to sterilize my mask so that I can reuse it again. Similarly, I disinfect some other small things which I generally carry to remain germ free all the time.''



Economical, With in My Budget ''With the effective sterilization of large and small spaces, radar sensors, and durability I would say that this lamp is worth the price. I have been using this lamp for a long period of time and I would say that I have no regrets in buying this.''

Arbaz Ghulam Rasool


Durable Construction, Long Lasting "The one thing which I would like to mention about this lamp is the high quality material from which it made of. I have been using this for almost 2-years and it just does not look old. Nothing has been damaged and it looks like new always. I am satisfied that my money does not go in vain."

Mr Usman


Also Eliminates Odors, Highly Recommended "My previous light sanitizer was not able to remove the pet odors from my room even after mutiple time usage. A friend came at my home once recommended me to use this one after noticing the odor. Then I bought this one, and after that there are no more odors in my home. I am happy to recommend it to others as well."



Remote not Working Properly "One issue which I am facing now is that my remote is not working properly. At first, it was working great. But then it stopped responding properly. May be It fall on the ground from the table by my child. Besides this remote, the lamp is working efficiently."

Sarah Danish


360° Coverage, No more Germs "Just as mentioned in the description, this disinfection lamp is working great. It sanitizes my whole room which is quite big in no time and one thing noticeable is that it kills the germs present all around the room leaving nothing behind. I am glad that I bought this lamp."

Håjīřå Rehman


Radar Sensor, No Risk ''A very good safety device, Indeed! It makes my home germ free while also protecting my family and pet from harmful UV rays. It alarms me always whenever my pet or my children comes in the room when it is ON. It stops working immediately. A useful tool to have especially when your children are wandering about in the home. Proper Safety!"