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  • Amna Bux


    Great Security Device ''The motion sensor is putting a great performance since the start. The feature I like the most is the area which this sensor cover. The infrared human induction sensors senses the person even when he is far away. Highly Recommended!"

    Variation : 1Piece
  • Kiran Arshad


    Mobile App, Real Time Control "I am impressed with this buy as I can easily montior the safety of my home when I am not at home. Just connect the app and the sensor via WiFi and then don't worry about your home security. Good Buy!"

    Variation : 1Piece
  • Farva azhar


    Quick Setting Up, User-friendly "The one thing which I liked about this product and would like to mention is that it is really easy to use this after unpacking. There is no any wiring system needed and it starts working in few minutes after unboxing."

    Variation : 1Piece
  • Simple and Smart Sensor: With the WBM Smart Wi-Fi Motion Sensor, you can rest easy with any surrounding movements of guests inside your home thanks to the infrared human induction sensor's detecting distance of 9 meters
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Are you in possession of a smartphone and a wireless Internet connection? Then follow the flow of things. This Motion Detector has covered it all. Connect to the perimeter Wi-Fi network and monitor your safety
  • Secure your Home: Remove the adhesive tape from the Wi-Fi Motion Detector before you screw all the parts together to build an intelligently connected home
  • Simple Installation & Operation: This surface-mounted PIR Motion Sensor blows away any wires, making it very easy to mount on the wall to maintain security
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


Home Security Matters to Us! 

Homes are our safe havens, and we want to do anything we can to keep them that way. That’s why the world is turning to intelligent motion sensors to keep their homes safe from potential intruders. When thinking about home security, remember to get the essential security options. Install the WBM Smart Motion Sensor to be well on your way to protecting your loved ones and your house. 


Living in a Smart Home is Safer and Easier than You Think! 

Why not invest in WiFi motion sensors to further enhance your home security? Adding Wi-Fi motion sensors to your home security arsenal can help you monitor your surroundings even when you're not there. Not only will they help monitor your property, but they can also alert you if there's movement outside or if someone breaks into your home. 

Why Choose This Motion Detector? 

  • Infrared human induction sensor with a detection range of 9 meters 
  • Real-time monitoring through Mobile App 
  • Intelligent Linkage 
  • Simple set-up and operation


More Freely and Seamlessly with the Infrared Human Induction Detector 

Increase peace of mind with an infrared human detection sensor installed in your home or office. Detector movement triggers an alert, letting you know someone's in the house. No more sneaking around in the dark to clean up messes - just activate the sensor and relax, knowing that all work is being monitored and logged remotely. Whether you're staying safe while grocery shopping or just need to be aware of that squirrel up the tree, this motion detector sensor is a fabulous addition to your safety arsenal. Plus, it's a great way to deter thieves! 


Peace of Mind Always 

Your table light is always on or off, depending on whether you move or not. Introducing the Intelligent Linkage of the WBM Smart Motion Detector with Smart Plug and LED Table Lamp! Turn on or off the light with just a wave of your hand, and can even be linked to the lighting in your home, so you can have one seamless motion-activated experience, linking the table light directly to the light switch. 

No more searching for your remote control! No more need to fumble around in the dark again! All your problems are solved with our Motion Sensor! 

Our handy gadget is always at hand. Place the motion detector anywhere around doors, windows, or around your table where you have placed your important documents, and let the sensor do its thing. 


Get a little bit smarter about your home security: Alerts you with instant notifications on your smartphone when someone is moving around inside. 

Being able to stay aware of who's in and out of your house has never been so easy! Just connect your motion sensor to a Wi-Fi signal, and you'll be notified anytime somebody moves within range. From there, it's up to you to decide what action to take - protect yourself or call the police. 


Improve your life by not having to fumble around with wires anymore! The Motion Sensor can be easily set up and operated, so you can spend less time fussing with your electronics and more time doing the things you love. 

With Smart Motion Sensor, all you have to do is set up the app and link it to your home's network. After that, you'll get real-time notifications whenever any movement is detected in the area around your device. Includes a 3M adhesive tape that's easy to mount and holds onto the property to monitor your forties. 

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