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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Himalayan Chef Whole Wheat Flour is 100% pure and made from whole wheat. It is a good source of essential nutrients.
  • ENHANCE METABOLISM: Whole Wheat Flour contains a high amount of fiber, which helps to speed up digestion and improve overall metabolism.
  • RICH IN CARBS: Whole Wheat Flour provides complex carbs, which supply our bodies with long-lasting energy. Fibers are a type of indigestible carbohydrate that aids weight loss.
  • NUTRITION PROFILE: Whole wheat supplies all of the nutrients our bodies require. It has a high fiber and carbohydrate content. It also provides micronutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.
  • GUT FRIENDLY: Wheat bran works as a prebiotic for human gut microorganisms. It can help feed good bacteria in the intestine, which helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • HEALTH ALERT: Gluten is a protein found in wheat that can induce autoimmune disease in gluten-intolerant individuals. Meanwhile, it is healthy for those who are not gluten-intolerant.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our product is available in biodegradable craft packaging. This Craft Packaging is resealable and prevents the flour from impurities. Our Wheat Flour is certified by several International Organizations such as Vegan, Halal, Non-GMO, and Kosher.

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Erum Hammad


The bag in which flour comes to me is so strong and the packaging is so good that it my product is save and not be damage. When I open this bag this is so good and the taste is awesome.

Muhammad Azeem Shahzad


My husband loves the bread I make with this! Great flour for a health bread or desserts. The delivery is so fast i receive my order in just 2 days Just WOW this product.

Fawad khan


It was a birthday present for my wife; she said it is a great product which yields a high quality baked goods. I am a chef and I love this whole wheat flour.

Asma Masroor


I used this product many time and I observed this one is really very good healthy wheat flour that I have tasted. I would advice to buy this product. So good for health. The roti of this flour is not heavy it is so light.



Best wheat flour ever, I would recommend it, it turned out great on my strawberry blueberry pancake mix. It is very delicious when my family and I eat it they appreciate me.

Lady Ayesha Qureshi


We are wheat users to bake breads and naan/rotis. Loved this whole wheat flour. I have been re ordering this flour every time from Whole Foods. This is so high quality product Thanks WBM.

Shahzad Ahmad Dogar


The tastes is great. Makes soft roti that tastes so fresh. This wheat flour makes good chapattis. This is a great product, very healthy.

Ali jan


I love the price for such high quality flour! And, to be able to have it delivered to me WBM is very convenient. This wheat floor helps to speed up digestion.

Aleena Cheema


Best flavoured whole wheat flour I've used!! Great value for the money. Great organic whole wheat flour! Reasonable price & better for health. The product is excellent.

Mustafa siddiq


I love the flavours of this flour. Is does to taste overly whole wheat. It has a great balance. Makes great bread and other product too. This contains a high amount of fibber.