White Sugar 1.3 kg | Himalayan Chef

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White Sugar 1.36kg | Himalayan Chef
Sweetness: High sweetness level
Commonly used in: Baking, cooking, and beverage preparation
Shelf life: Long-lasting when stored properly
Source: Typically derived from sugarcane or sugar beets
Texture: Fine granules, easy to dissolve
Packaging: Comes in a resealable bag or container
A Sweet Symphony in the Kitchen: Baking, cooking, or preparing delightful beverages – our white sugar blends seamlessly into any culinary masterpiece. It serves as the perfect partner for all your culinary experiments, providing the right balance of sweetness to complement a wide range of flavors. Delightfully Versatile: From the simplest cup of tea to the most complex gourmet desserts, white sugar embraces a vast array of dishes. Let your imagination run wild as you sprinkle it into your morning coffee or add it to your secret family recipes for that perfect touch of sweetness.