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  • PERFECT HEALTHY GRAIN: Himalayan Chef Wheat Daliya is made from whole wheat. Wheat is cracked carefully to retain all the nutrients.
  • PREVENT CONSTIPATION: Wheat Dalia is a high-fiber food that works as a laxative. It helps in the removal of waste products from the human body and minimize the risk of constipation.
  • RICH IN TEXTURE AND TASTE: Whole Wheat Daliya has a nutty, earthy, delicious taste with a firm texture and lovely color.
  • NUTRITIVE VALUE: It is highly nutritious, with plenty of complex carbs, B vitamins, fiber, proteins, and minerals. They all play important roles in metabolic health, which is beneficial to weight loss.
  • A COMPLETE MEAL: Dalia is a complete meal in itself. It is packed with super nutrients, making it a good option for meal.
  • KEEP YOUR TUMMY FULL: Himalayan Chef Wheat Dalia is a slow-digesting food that keeps your stomach full for a long time and prevents hunger pangs.
  • LOW-FAT DIET: Wheat Dalia has a very low-fat content. As a result, it is beneficial even for those who wants to reduce weight.
  • INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Our most valuable asset is our ability to produce high-quality products. Customers who are unsatisfied with our product are entitled to a full refund. Our product is certified for Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan, and HALAL.

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Aqsa Jadun


Great quality, great flavor, fantastic texture. I totally recommend it. I already ordered twice and will continue ordering in the future.



Tastes good, quick delivery, good price.

Rahim Bux Domki


Cooked quickly & had a good, hearty whole-grain flavor. Best quality.

Fida Hussain


Great product at a reasonable price. Very satisfied with this product. Plan to buy more

Shamas Parviaz


Maybe I'm not looking in the right isle but this is so much easier and it's good stuff!!! Exactly what I wanted and will just order it from now on for ease!!!!!

sheraz khan


This Wheat/Bulgur is excellent at the price and wonderful to cook with. I highly recommend it. It came right on time and well-packaged. It's fun to cook with and is at a great price. Great buy!

Syed Hasnain Raza


I used it to make bread, turned out great. I sent a picture of the bag to my daughter so she could order some.

Farhan Adamjee


I use this as a substitute for rice. It’s so much healthier and cooks the same way so no stress!

Sami Sidd


Very good quality daliya, will buy again

Hanan Azfar


By far the best Daliya (Porridge) large and great wheat flavor but a little expensive.