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  • Asim Nogra


    I and my friend buy this cream together and we want to try this that it enhances the beauty of our foot wear or our jacket. When the parcel is arriving we try this and check it is same as picture. Then we are surprise to see the result. Our jacket and shoes are shine a d looks so beautiful.

    Variation : Neutral
  • Raheel Anwar


    The WBM shoe care cream is wonder full. It renews my shoe. I think to buy shoes than my brother say me that use this cream after using it my shoes is new and my brother say you buy a new shoes then I say no bro this is my old shoes.

    Variation : Neutral
  • Ishfaq Ullah


    The quality is low and the price is so reasonable that it is not burden on any one after buying it. The money is not waste don’t think about it. The money is 100% safe. If there is a issue with product then we return this and receive our cash.

    Variation : Neutral
  • Instant Shine Shoe Cream: No toxic chemicals or harsh ones! WBM Shoe Care Cream provides instant long-lasting shine to footwear.
  • Shine, Nourish & Renew: This Natural Shoe Cream keeps the soft texture of the footwear with the touch of natural beeswax that gives long-lasting shine
  • Multi-Purpose Cream: This Simple to use cream is multi-purpose that can be used for shoes, leather jackets, leather sofas, and other products
  • Easy Reliable Pack: This easy traveling pack of the Shoe Polish Cream creates no mess while shoe polishing and with the easy double-layered sponge applicator
  • Availability: This Shoe Cream is available in 3 colors: Black, Brown, and Neutral. This polish gives the perfect shine to your shoes and buys as per your choice.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


The Best Shoe Product for you!

Your pricey leather shoes or other leather items shouldn’t require difficulty for depressing maintenance. WBM Shoe Care Cream is less runny and requires no fuss to apply. In any outfit, you will appear polished and put together. Our creams restore leather’s hydration while also giving it a soft, natural sheen by blending just the proper amount of natural oils, waxes, and pigments. Useful for soft leather boots and shoes. 



Polish, Repair & Shine

If your shoes frequently get severely scratched and you want some color to conceal them. You should look for an appropriate solution. Our shoe cream aids in hiding tiny scuffs and scratches. Cream not only hydrates leather but also creates a barrier of protection, preventing any environmental deterioration. Before small scratches reach the leather, it absorbs them.  To polish, repair, and shine leather shoes and boots, use WBM Shoe Cream.


Bring back the original color, texture, and sheen of your shoes!

Shoe Cream offers weather resistance and waterproofing. Natural wax and oil are the main ingredients in the cream. Your shoes will stay glossy and water-resistant for a very long time. The shine lasts for a longer time, and if the shoes get dirty during your everyday activities, all it takes is one swipe of the cream to restore the shine. There are numerous colors available, including neutral, black, and brown that is created without silicones and hazardous resin. 


  • The best affordable shoe cream.
  • Experience outstanding shine after just one application.
  • Ingredients are safe enough to preserve the leather’s original shine.
  • Shoes are weather-proofed to prevent damage from the element.
  • Minor scratches are removed after the first use.

 A Quick Reminder!

Your clothing may become stained if you use our leather shine cream. Even if the stains are washable, we nonetheless urge you to keep shoe cream away from your clothing and fabric furniture. 


For anyone who desires the best-looking shoes, our creams are fantastic. An illusion of sparkle is produced by the shoe cream. We deliver your shoe cream in its original container, free of any extra oil. WBM Shoe Cream is what you need if you want your shoes to have a fresh appearance and shine. Using a natural, silky shoe cream makes it glide on nicely. The integrated sponge makes it ideal for use if an applicator is not available. Use our portable Shoe Cream whenever you want to stand out with confidence.


  1. We advise using our horsehair brush to clean your shoes of any loose dirt and debris before applying. 
  2. To achieve a clean and beautiful leather surface, thinly apply the polish with the sponge brush. 
  3. Allow it to soak in for about 5 minutes.
  4. There is no need to brush or wipe the shoe with a cloth afterward.
  5. Reapply if necessary.