WBM Shoe Care Shining Sponge Brown - 11ml

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  • Faisal G


    Best product.

  • Asif Munir


    Great purchase. I just love this sponge.

  • Shoe Shiner: Make your damaged shoes look new with the WBM Shoe Care  Shining Sponge, an easy and quick way to deliver the perfect shiny look to the footwear
  • Shines, Nourishes, & Renews: With the touch of beeswax, this Shoe Shiner Sponge gives a shine to your footwear as well as leather accessories. Preserves and restores the color of the shoes within seconds
  • Easy to Carry: Whether at an office meeting, any special occasion or you are traveling, you can carry this Shoe Sponge with you and instantly polish your footwear with no mess or hassle
  • Water-Repellent: This Shining Sponge contains natural oils and wax that are water-repellent and stays on your shoes for a longer time
  • Availability: This Shoe Shining Sponge is available in 3 different colors: Black, Brown, and Neutral. Choose according to your choice
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


When your leather, nubuck, and suede shoes require a quick shine and cleaning. WBM Shoe Care Leather Cleaning Sponge is the perfect product to use. The sponge is quite useful in your busy daily routine. All of your leather items will instantly seem new and clean with the help of a shoe shine sponge. WBM shoe offers you a high-quality product at an affordable price. You can utilize the shoe shiner for a variety of purposes. Before the product is completely used up, you can use it numerous times to rapidly shine your shoes. 


The safe locking mechanism on the WBM Shoe Care Shine Sponge is simple to operate. There is no need to be concerned about leakage because the sponge is securely sealed when closed. 

Thinking about shining your shoes before a business trip? 

With the Shine Sponge, we have the ideal option. Before an important interview or business meeting, you may quickly touch up the shine on your shoes and accessories. Comfortably fits inside any personal handbag or purse. 


One Simple procedure will clean and restore shine to your shoes. Simply lightly brush the shoes with the shine sponge brush. Bright, clear, and long-lasting shine will be applied immediately by our unique moisture-lubricating solution.  

Shoe Shining Sponge keeps all of your shoes looking beautiful!

It shines and cleans your shoes beautifully without leaving a mess. Renewing and conditioning them can also lengthen the durability and lifespan of your leather shoes. It is practical and quite easy to use. 


Shoe Shine Sponge is multi-functional, and may be used to clean shoes, leather jackets, sofa seats, and other leather objects. The polish’s natural components ensure that it offers your products a long life and makes them durable while maintaining their texture. This is the finest option to rapidly restore the clean appearance of your shoes if need to hurry out of the door and want a shine to them. Without using other brushes or shoe polish, the instant shine sponge shines on your shoes. When you need to travel, you can carry it with ease. 


    • Longer Lasting Shine on Shoes: Rub the product on any smooth surface leather for an instant shine. The smell of the applicator won’t irritate you.
    • Brilliant Quick Shine: Use this leather luster to create an instant-drying shine. No brush is required!
    • Perfect Shine Every Time: High-quality sponge acts as a conditioner restoring your leather’s luster. For genuine and artificial leather. 
    • Quick, Easy, & Effective: For a show-stopping shine. The Sponge is covered in shoe polish in a handy box with a secure seal. Use on the leather of any hue. 
    • Suitable for All Kinds of Leather: Shine Sponge can be used on a variety of leather-like surfaces to give them a lustrous finish. Works well on seat cushions, handbags, leather belts, boots, Jackets, and Sneakers.

      HOW TO USE

        • Remove the cap and open it.
        • The sponge contains the liquid shine.
        • Just press the sponge against the shoe.
        • For a Quick Nice Shine, Rub Back and Forth.