WBM Shoe Care Liquid Shoe Polish - 75ml

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  • Self-Shining Polish: If you're a shoe lover, you know that keeping your shoes looking new is a constant battle. Get the W Shoe Care Liquid Shoe Polish that shines, nourishes, and restores your footwear
  • Natural Oil & Wax: The Liquid Polish has the touch of natural oils and beeswax and is free from toxic chemicals that maintain the quality of your shoes without any damage
  • Color-Nourishing Polish: Shoe Polish is a great way to keep your shoes looking new. It can be used on all types of shoes, from sneakers to dress shoes
  • Easy Applicator Shoe Polish: With the double-layered sponge with an easy applicator, both are durable and keep your shoes look shiny within seconds
  • Availability: This Polish for shoes is available in different 3 colors: Black, Brown, and Neutral. Choose as per your choice
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers

See What People Are Saying!

Aamir Saeed


I would recommend if you look amazing and give long lasting shine to your shine, this is a lighter weight polish so it gives a nice refresh to your well maintained boots.

Sharmeen Alam


These shoe polishes are a great choice for the price point, incredibly easy to use and the polish applies very evenly. I love it due to its high performance.

Imran Hussain


I was very pleased that this product lives up to their promises. This was the easiest shoe polish I have ever used. Easy to apply and no buffing was needed. It made my old shoes look new again.

Arxl Janjua


My shoes look new after I used them Thanks WBM shoe care. Great value of my money and my shoes. Long lasting shoe shine. Brought my shoes back to life. Works great for my shoes.

talat masood


This item is a gift for those who is shoe lover - at this time it appears to be working well and easy to apply. This is perfect for me and my child shoes. This is used on all type of shoes like sneaker, dress shoes and many others.

Naeem Akhtar


Thin solutions cover stain or scratches. They polish as claimed but with a thin sheen. Sponge cap is good; in fact, this is made especially for shoes who want to seem to be good.

Irfan Ali Khokhar


Excellent polish, easy application and great results. I will recommend them to anyone. I am glad to buy this WBM shoe care for my shoe that gives amazing look. This is very durable.

Zubda Iftikhar


It really works well to cover scuffs and polish and condition shoes. I am very impressed with this liquid shoe polish. What a great result I seen on my shoes just wow. Thanks WBM

Muhammad Usman


This gives a good high shine; I've gotten from some boot in the last several years. But looks very businesslike and covers any small scratches pretty well.

jamshaid arshad


Liquid shoe polish is good for your shoes or boots, but if you need to do a quick touch up, or a quick polish before going to work or out this is a good quality brand. The liquid shoe polish still looks very good.