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  • Ayesha Zubair


    This is my favorite brush, it dispenses soap so well that you won't need to keep dish soap on the counter.

  • Fatima Gul Khan


    These are my favorite scrubbers! I did have one batch that seemed to fall off the base, but the rest of the times I've purchased these they worked great.

  • Noman Ahmed


    Ordinary dish soap dispenser and brush... the brush is sturdy and the dispenser does not leak. This is a very nice product. I would buy it again and recommend it.

  • Dish Cleaning: WBM Home Soap Dish Brush cleans tough stains and grease spots on every nook and corner of the utensils with nylon bristles
  • Add as the Kitchen Hero: Ergonomic design that easily fits the palm of your hand and easily handles your household chores
  • For Cleaning: Pots, stoves, pans, trims, and countertops. Clean the food residues and give a shiny look to the kitchen utensils as well as keep your hands clean without any chaos
  • Replaceable Head: Soap Dispenser Brush has several times usage. Easy to replace the head with a new head for use
  • Convenient Use: This handy Palm Scrubber with the curved head easily fits the pan edges and cleans out the dirt, grease, and stain spots
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


WBM Home is dedicated to offering top-notch products that are very beneficial for cleaning the kitchen and home. Kitchen cleaning demands are met by the WBM Home  Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, which is built of safe materials. By removing the tenacious stains, grease, and fifth on utensils, our soap dispensing scrubber helps you save time and energy. On non-stick cookware, glasses, or plates, you can quickly scrub away dirt and baked-on food without leaving any stains or scratches. The most convenient wash is provided, and its rounded shape provides the ideal grip while cleaning. 


The tough nylon bristles of the soap dispensing brush are long-lasting, have high cleaning power, and are not readily bent. Suitable for pans, pots, bowls, plates, sinks, stoves, kitchenware, countertops, and more, durable nylon bristles make it simple to wipe off baked products. The sturdy nylon bristles make it simple to remove food remnants, attachments, and adhesions. For non-stick cookware, it is also secure. 


The Dish Brush’s curved head fits the edge of the pan, and a light push of the button releases the liquid soap via the bristles. By pressing a button, the soap dispenser sprays enough dishwashing liquid onto the soiled kitchenware to prevent the gel from being wasted. WBM Home creates its products to make it easier for its customers to do home tasks easily. 


We constantly strive to produce the most considerate, premium cleaning products!

  • Simple to refill and easy to open.
  • The nylon bristles are soft enough for non-stick cleaning while still being stiff enough for effective hard scrubbing.
  • The spherical, medium-sized head is simple to hold.
  • By pressing the top button, it's simple to discharge soap whenever needed.
  • If your hands are soapy or damp, the brush won't slip.


Make Dishwashing simple by allowing soap to be dispensed on demand. When washing dishes, the ergonomic shape provides a secure, non-slip grasp, and the sturdy bristles easily remove even the toughest food residue. Simply unscrew the cap and add soap to refill. During use, the palm cushion doesn’t unintentionally distribute. It is acceptable because a little soap goes a long way. Pushing lightly releases a small amount of soap, whereas pressing firmly releases a large quantity. More effectively than any other brushes you have used, this one cleans dishes and other tasks quickly and effectively. 


Not Just For Dishes!

Not Just For Dishes! The Nylon bristles are perfect for cleaning kitchen sinks, pots, and pans because they are firm enough for effective, hard scrubbing and soft enough for non-stick cleaning. Grease and filth may be easily removed from brushes because of their durability. Brush bristles do not shed hair or distort the coating's surface.  It can be used to clean stovetops, pots, bowls, plates, and other surfaces.

A Must-Have in Every Kitchen!

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