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    Great purchase.

  • Microfiber Duster: WBM Home Microfiber Duster Extension features a super-soft, lint-free, extremely absorbent microfiber material head with a long life span
  • Electrostatic Absorption: The duster catches dust on surfaces and moves around in confined spaces thanks to electrostatic adsorption
  • Superior Quality: Can be machine washed in warm water or with mild detergent, the Microfiber Extendable Duster is superior to cotton fabric
  • Non-Slip Grip: The Microfiber Delicate Duster has a slim profile, a non-slip grip, and a plastic storage cover that makes it easy to store in stores
  • Clean Ceilings: Microfiber Duster Strings capture dirt and clean ceilings, walls, lights, lamps, and high locations quickly and easily
  • Dimensions: Microfiber Extension Duster has a 6 inch fluffy microfiber strings head and a 44.8 inch long extendable pole, so cleaning high areas is a breeze
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers.


A Cleaner Home

Keep your home clean and dust-free with this WBM Home Microfiber Duster! This duster is made of high-quality microfiber material that is soft and sturdy, helping you to reach corners often missed. It's highly absorbent, so it can easily pick up dirt and grime while leaving behind no lint residue. It also comes with an extension handle making cleaning a breeze - even from ceiling height.


Reach Those High Spots!

The microfiber duster with extension allows users to access hard-to-reach places, and clean higher-up surfaces safely and thoroughly. Its extendable and bendable design provides adjustable flexibility to help you reach around tight corners, under furniture, or even above ceilings for the best cleaning results. The ultra-soft microfibers gently trap dust without leaving streaks or scratches, making it a much more efficient process than traditional methods of cleaning.


Reusable & Spotless

The Reusable & Washable Microfiber Duster offers an easy cleaning solution that can make your life easier. Its flexibility and convenience mean you can quickly launder it in the machine or wash it by hand, soaking it in hot water to kill germs and bacteria. By doing this, its microfibers help ensure that you maintain a healthier environment for those around you.


Swivel. Expand. Puff.

Have you ever been stuck in an awkward position on a ladder trying to dust something that just wasn't high enough? With our improved microfiber duster, you can take complete advantage of the sturdy telescopic pole and extend it simply with a twist and puff. The expanded extension ensures no dirt or dust is left behind while cleaning those hard-to-reach spots – effortlessly!


Miracle Dust Collectors

Our microfiber dusters are unique and outstanding in their ability to capture, collect, and remove dust from all kinds of surfaces. Their superior softness makes them more effective than conventional materials while their remarkable absorption capabilities make sure that not a speck of dirt remains. In addition, our microfiber dusters provide a deeper clean as they can penetrate even the tightest spaces with ease.


Effortless Dust Removal

No more worrying about dust particles and streaks! Our scratch & streak-free microfiber duster allows you to dust and clean surfaces with ease, ensuring no residue remains behind. Its electrostatic adsorption ensures it can pick up the tiniest of particles with precision without leaving anything behind or causing damage. The fiber fabric also won’t harm delicate furniture finishes or leave scratches on other surfaces, making sure your home is spotless every time.

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