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  • 3-in-1 Technology: For the stubborn stains, what do you want else? When WBM Home has the 3-in-1 Technology Liquid Laundry Detergent that contains stain remover, and detergent, and provides color protection
  • Lasting Freshness: With this Natural Laundry Detergent, give your clothes a long-lasting and natural freshness for 6 weeks
  • Shielding Property: When you have Detergent with plant-based ingredients that let all your worries go away. They shield your clothes from stretching, color fading, and shrinking, giving them a fresh look always
  • Skin-Friendly: This Laundry Detergent is proven to be skin-friendly, safe, and dermatologically-tested that prevents skin irritations or rashes
  • Convenient Formulation & Packaging: This 3-in-1 Detergent comes in human-friendly packaging with a twisted cap, used as a measuring cup. Safe to use at temperatures in both standard and high-efficiency machines
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


Laundry is done in a flash! 

WBM Home Laundry Detergent – keeps your whites dazzling and your colors bright! Effortlessly keep your all clothing sparkling clean with WBM Home Liquid Laundry Detergent! This detergent removes dirt, odors, and stains while leaving clothes feeling smooth, fresh, and revived. Packed with powerful detergent ingredients, WBM Home Laundry Detergent will take care of your laundry in a snap! 


‘3D Stain Remover + Color Protector + Fabric Softener’

Worry-free laundry? You better believe it! Our 3-in-1 technology and concentrated 20% more active matter tackles stains and smells, while also providing color protection and even fabric softener to help keep your clothes feeling springy and new. So ditch those stubborn stains, and start a fresh day with WBM Home Laundry Detergent! With us, your laundry is less cluttered, more organized & come out looking great!

Besides, it has:

  • Ergonomic handle for a comfy grip
  • Dual-caped protection
  • Calibrated external cap to determine just the right amount of detergent


Get stains & germs out fast!

Our laundry detergent includes a fair portion of 3D stain remover that gets rid of tough stains like coffee, cereal, and grass. It's perfect for your particularly troublesome clothes like workout ones. You'll be able to get rid of the toughest stains on your clothes without having to go through all the trouble of buying special cleaners.


No more grey & fading garments!

Keep your clothes looking their best with this laundry detergent that protects against fading and graying fabrics! WBM Home Liquid Detergent is formulated with a patented color protector technology so your whites stay white and colors stay vibrant as always!


No more itchy, scratchy clothes!

Soft, fluffy clothing is a must-have for all. Particularly for people with skin sensitivities, our liquid laundry detergent comes in! Infused with ultimate fabric softener, the formula is mild and gentle on the skin while keeping the clothes feeling soft and fluff as just got in! Besides, it keeps the clothes shrank-free.

What’s more?

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Hypoallergenic


Fresh, Whimsical Laundry with a Soothing Scent!

Imagine putting your clothes in the dryer and not having to worry about that agonizing odor, antiseptic smell, or static cling! With W Home Laundry Detergent, that's now possible! Enriched with Invigorating Floral Scents, our long-sustaining fragrance will keep you fresh and energized all day long. 


‘Suitable With All Machines & Temperatures’

You don't have to compromise on clean clothes. With W Home Laundry Detergent, you get powerful suds and perfect cleanliness across all machines and water temperatures. So, no more waiting forever for your load of laundry to finish! With us, it’s done in a mere snap! 

  • Ideal for High Efficiency (HE) laundry washers
  • Works great with manual washing machines
  • Efficient in all water temperatures


‘No Harsh Chemicals’

Make laundry cleaning less of an excruciating errand! Keep your clothes looking and smelling great without harsh chemicals. Our detergent is made with plant-based ingredients, so it's gentle on your clothes as well as mild for the skin. The advanced formula is sensitivity-free, making it safe for people with extremely sensitive skin types. 

Our 3-in-1 formula contains no harsh chemicals like: 

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Phosphates
  • Fluorescent Dyes, etc. 

See What People Are Saying!

Arif Nawaz


I have sensitive skin so I wanted to try this product. Didn’t want something with harsh chemicals and such. Great product, nice scent!! So glad I came across this.

waqas riaz


I really liked this detergent for my baby's clothes. It smells great and makes the clothes so soft. I would give it a 10/10. I told my sister to get some too for her daughter.

Kiran Faheem


This Baby laundry detergent smells really great. It’s the exact smell you enjoy when they are clean. It works well in cleaning stains babies usually get.

Ch Sherbaz Sarwar Adv


It’s a great product, especially for the cost. My son has eczema so the detergent I use has to be good for sensitive skin and this definitely is. He had no reaction even though it does have a light scent

Ibtehaj Cheema


Purchased these for my daughter. She loves this product, safe and gentle for my premature grandbaby.

Ashfaq Ahmed


I really like this baby detergent, great quality!! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and really love how strong it is and gets stains out.



I like that it comes in smaller-sized bottles. It’s easier to handle and store. The scent is good and leaves my baby’s clothes smelling good and bright.

Ishtiaq Khan


I've been trying to move to plant-based for most things in my life, and I'm so happy this detergent was available. It smells really good too, so no weird smells on that.

Ali Asghar Lakdawala


I’ve been able to use this and not have any reactions for my kiddos! Glad to have this available at my doorstep quickly. I’ll be purchasing this again.

Humayun Saleem


I am very satisfied with this purchase. I like WBM as a brand, so I wasn't surprised that their laundry detergent is high quality and smells great. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a kid-friendly laundry detergent.