WBM Home Dish Washing Mesh Sponge - 3 Pcs

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  • Efficient Cleaning: WBM Home  Dishwashing Mesh Sponge is highly effective in cleaning and fights against tough stains, and grease spots
  • Tough on Stains: The Mesh Sponge has a unique design that is tough on stains and dirt. Get easy cleaning with the durable and high-absorbency mesh sponge
  • Powerful Abrasive: The Dishwashing Sponge can be easily cleaned after cleaning the kitchen utensils by rinsing it through water
  • Scratch-Free: This Mesh Sponge cleans the toughest stains and grease spots without any scratches even on both the expensive and ordinary crockery
  • Available Packing: The Mesh Sponges are available in 2 packs, 1 piece, and 3 pieces. You can buy according to your needs
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


High Absorbency & Durable

WBM Home Dishwashing Mesh Sponge just needs a few drops of soap to remove stains and doesn’t absorb additional soap, it is environmentally friendly. Sponge Mesh has no odor because it dries quickly after use. It works excellent for cleaning surfaces, refrigerators, and all types of dishes. Long-lasting and capable of performing multiple tasks, this mesh sponge cleans dishes completely. 


Are you sick of having to replace your kitchen sponge each week?

The majority of us ignore the price of kitchen and cleaning sponges. But instead of settling for a cheap sponge that needs to be replaced frequently, why not get a long-lasting, high-quality sponge that serves multiple purposes? WBM Home Mesh Sponge is a need for any kitchen because it was created specifically to be a powerful non-stick cleaning sponge. But it does so much more than just clean non-stick cookware! This magic sponge works well on all surfaces, including worktops, appliances, microwaves, nonstick cookware, plates, pots, pans, bakeware, glassware, and plastic. 


 Mesh Sponge dimensions make it ideal for delicate cleaning without abrasion. It offers extra care for washing the most delicate items, such as cutlery, and gently helps in scouring any impurities off a surface. This multi-purpose sponge can be used again for months because it is dishwasher-safe. Put an end to your needless kitchen sponge spending and buy a high-quality, multi-use sponge instead. 

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All-purpose Mesh Sponge help remove crusted-on stains like gum, wax, and even difficult mildew stains. It is the ideal cleaning pad for every task in your home when used with your preferred cleaning solution. 

  • All-purpose pad that cleans without scratching and is simple to hold
  • Scratch-Free Cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning jobs around the house
  • Reusable and has a long shelf life.


A high-density sponge that can easily foam up with a minimal amount of detergent, wipe off stuck-on food and remove hard dirt more quickly. Its adaptable design makes it ideal for navigating confined spaces. It is convenient for cleaning cups, mugs, and containers and is foldable. The soft design won’t hurt or damage hands and the special mesh design will easily handle or remove tough stains. Build with a tough, bendable mesh net that easily wipes away smudges, food stains, and more without damaging any surfaces. 

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This is a nice alternative to the regular sponges that I’ve used. They cleaned both dishes and counter with little effort

Amir Naveed


These work very well for washing dishes.