WBM Care Anti-Frizz Shampoo with Rose & Avocado - 500ml | 3 Pack

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  • HAIR SHAMPOO FOR SILKY HAIR: WBM Care Shampoo is made to perfectly clean your hair and scalp for luscious smooth
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Hair Shampoo is made with nourishing Himalayan Pink Salt, Natural Plant-Derived Extracts, and Active Amino Acids
  • IMPROVED HAIR HEALTH: Perfect for frizzy and damaged hair as a result of extensive heat styling. Rose & Avocado Shampoo hydrates the hair and locks the moisture for a long time
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: This Natural Shampoo is made without chemicals like SLS, silicone, parabens, or artificial colorants
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products


Make your hair healthier and stronger!

WBM Care Rose and Avocado Shampoo thoroughly clean the hair by getting rid of all grease and dirt particles. Along with thorough cleaning, it deeply nourishes your hair from roots to ends. Your lifeless, damaged hair comes to the life because of the luscious rose and avocado combination. Both extracts give hair a healthy, nutrient and moisture-rich boost. Along with providing nourishment, avocado and rose shampoo are energizing fruity-floral scent that transports you to a tropical location with each shower. 


More than just shampoo!

Avocados are incredibly hydrating and sustaining because they contain normal oils and potassium and magnesium, which may seal the cuticle skin cells. This can assist hair to look smooth and sparkling and prevent it from splitting. Avocado oil is full of healthy antioxidants that give your hair professional-level care. The extract's vitamins B and E hydrate the scalp and get rid of dryness, flakes, and dandruff. If one is worried about the health of their hair, decide on avocado shampoo and experience the difference for yourself.


Every day is a good hair day!

Give yourself a daily bouquet of roses! You can achieve the ultimate look, moisturized, petal-soft hair with this hair shampoo, it helps to soothe and hydrate your hair. WBM Care gives your hair the attention it deserves. The rose extracts gently clean and revitalizes dry hair without stripping it. The conditioning abilities give your hair the silky-smooth appearance you’ve always desired.


With just one squeeze of shampoo, you can put an end to that horrible hair day!

The Benefits of active amino acids are abundant in the organic shampoo, providing the hair with maximum strength and hydration. Your hair will appear more structured and voluminous with the help of Himalayan Pink Salt. Additionally, it aids in removing extra debris and oil from your scalp, preventing future dandruff and other scalp illnesses. All hair types, including curly, straight, and wavy hair, respond equally well to the Hair Shampoo.


Giving your hair the necessary deep moisture without weighing it down

Nature holds all the answers to our issues. We believe that plants are superior to chemicals in many situations. You can easily use our shampoos on yourself without any hesitation because they are made from plants. With each wash, this nourishing combination of ingredients makes your hair silky and smooth, so you can tell the difference. All of our products have undergone human dermatological testing and are hypoallergenic. 

  • × Gluten-free
  • × Cruelty-free
  • × Silicone-free
  • × Paraben-free
  • × SLS-free


To Make Your Hair Feel Silky!

  1. Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water
  2. Pour a dollop of shampoo onto the hands and lather. Avoid contact with eyes
  3. Massage the lather into the scalp with fingertips in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes

See What People Are Saying!



Pretty good Although I haven't used it recently, I seem to remember that I really liked it. Although a little expensive, it works wonders on my wavy curls!

sana almas


Even tames unruly grey hair I love the fragrance! Even on days with significant humidity, my hair looks so much better. Even the majority of my unmanageable grey hair lies flat.

Murk Rizwan


Very happy with this shampoo Zero complaints I adore the scent, and it leaves my hair feeling so silky. I've told a few of my friends about it.

Toqeer Azam


If you want something natural, no volume, with moisturizer, this is it. I looked at the ingredients first, and when I noticed that it was sulfate- and paraben-free, I was interested. I appreciate how it makes your hair really silky after washing it without adding any volume. It smells fantastic, and even the next day, you may not realise it is your hair since you wonder what you are smelling. the previous night's washing.

Sanaāaāqib SA


Silky smooth hair I love this shampoo so much. It gives my hair a really soft, smooth texture. helps keep it straight as well!

Imtiaz Nawaz


Calmed my Hair You only need a tiny bit. Calmed down my wavy grey hair. Very happy. There is a faint scent, but I still picked it up. I really liked the results.

Rahim Moloo


Love it... This keeps my curls moisturized and prevents colour fading because I have curly coloured hair. I recommend anyone with curly hair to try this.

Nauman Masood


This works Even though I don't colour my hair, I bought it because of the reviews on frizz control and I adore it! I've tried other so-called frizz shampoos, but they didn't work.

Qandeel Naeem


Best hair product I've ever used. I've been looking for a shampoo that can control my frizz. I was given a recommendation for this item. I love it completely! My hair feels incredibly soft as a result. I fully agree that everyone with frizzy hair should try this.

saiqa mobin


Super Nice! My expectations for these items were not at all high, but after the first use, 70% of my hair's frizz was gone. Although I've only used it once, I think that's really nice. Let's see how it holds up over time.Highly recommend giving this one a try!