WBM Care Party Paper (40 Sheets) - 2Ply

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  • PARTY TISSUE PAPER: WBM Party Tissue Paper are idea for rinsing face and hands, and they are delicate and mild
  • SUPER-ABSORBENT: Party paper is reusable and has a high absorption capacity
  • BIODEGRADABLE: 2Ply Party Paper is biodegradable and recyclable, and it won't tear
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Toilet paper can be used in the bathroom, car, kitchen, office, and living room.
  • VERSATILE: Tissue Paper Party Decoration has a long track record of dependability and versatility
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.


Party On! Safely

WBM Care Party Paper offers a revolutionary way to make celebrations and events even more special. This paper is designed to be as comfortable to the skin as possible so you never have to worry about rashes or any other skin issues. It is also non-toxic with no harmful additives inside so there are no worries when it comes to protecting your health at these important gatherings.


Sustainable Softness Cleaned Up

This party paper isn't just about having eco-friendly fun - it's about feeling the difference of perfectly clean, toxin-free comfort with every use. Made from 100% natural fibers and responsibly grown plants, our paper is guiltlessly soft and absorbent while being sustainably produced. Enjoy your party time knowing that you're taking care of the environment at no cost to quality and safety!


Unbeatable Comfort Celebrations

A party is about celebrating, not worrying about clean-up or mess. With Party Paper's ultra-strength, double-layer construction and super soft feel, you won't be able to resist tapping your toes on it the entire evening! No matter what look you're going for - classic elegance or bursts of color - Celebrate Comfortably with Party Paper and make sure your guests will leave happy.


Safe Comfort for All

Party Paper offers your guests a truly worry-free experience with its chemical-free material. Its soft, plush paper is comfortable to the touch and safe for any environment, making it a great choice for any event or gathering. Plus, you can rest assured that no harsh chemicals are seeping through into your hands and contaminating your party!


Party Everywhere!

When planning a party, family event, or social gathering, you want the assurance that all your needs are met. With Party Tissue Paper, you can meet those needs anywhere with convenience and ease! Whether hosting an outdoor summer BBQ or an intimate birthday celebration at home, – its lightweight design allows you to have fun wherever life takes you!

See What People Are Saying!

Munazza Suleman


I really like this party paper; because I use find any tissue like that. This one is soft without being too thin, they don’t rip easily. The packaging is so good. They are individually wrapped in plastic. Due to this packing my product is safe for any type of damage.

Ahsan Ali


I am a big fan of this tissue because it can be taking anywhere. It is so easy to use open the pack and gets the tissue out. When it is so wet then also it not tears.

Akbar Ali Khowaja


Their pictures are same as I receive my order. I don’t use these tissues before. This is so soft and strong that it can’t tear easily.

Asma Mushtaq


This WBM tissue paper is amazing. I love this tissue, because this is versatile. The durability and power of absorption is so wonder full that I am amazed.

Umair Textile


This brand provide money back guarantee to their customer if there is wrong in product you can easily return it and your money is return. The service is so quick that I place a order and my order receive me in 2 days.

Mohammad Ali


I am glad to get this tissue paper due to its high quality and organic material. It makes my money valuable. In this there is a 40 sheet in every pack which is for long lasting use. Highly recommend WBM tissue.



This WBM party pack tissue paper is recyclable and biodegradable. You can use tissue at any place or you can clean anything from this like car, living room, kitchen, office.

Jawaria anum


This is an excellent value for my money well helping the Earth and other people and animals. Surprisingly soft. I will purchase this product again in bulk and I strongly recommend this product.

Fatima Abbas


Thanks WBM for launch this amazing tissue. This is recommend me by my cousin They say me if you want a clean skin then use party pack after that I start using it and my experience is great.



This product is so decent and affordable for everyone. However these tissues are use for cleaning of hand and hands usually. This has a high absorption power and this is also reusable.