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  • LIQUID HAND WASH: Liquid Hand Wash, Rose features an easy, ready-to-use formula that makes hand washing much more indulgent
  • ECO-FRIENDLY HAND SOAP: Eco-friendly, non-toxic liquid hand wash, made with rose oil, clean your hands without drying
  • ANTIBACTERIAL HAND SOAP: No toxic chemical or artificial color added to the hand wash. Silicon and SLS-free product.
  • NATURE-INSPIRED FRAGRANCE: Natural rose extracts, in the hand soap, creates an exhilarating experience, hydrating your skin
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains citric acid and glycerin that exfoliates, moisturizes, and refreshes your skin
  • BEST LIQUID HAND SOAP: Has natural vitamins and amino acids for extra care, strengthening your skin
  • PUMP HAND SOAP: Comes in an easy use pump bottle that is recyclable and can be reused several times
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion. We provide 100% natural products with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Nature's Love for You. 

WBM Care Nature and Love Hand Wash Rose bring together the nurturing power of nature and love to let you pamper yourself with soft, fragrant hands. Loaded with beneficial ingredients from Himalayan Pink Salt, Vitamins, and Amino acids blended in the goodness of rose, this gentle hand wash is sure to become your new favorite indulgence!


Flowery Softness for Hands. 

This luxurious hand wash, enriched with Himalayan pink salt, rose and vitamins, brings you the care of nature to heal your skin. You'll love the rich lathering action that softens cleanse and hydrates your hands while leaving a delicate natural rose fragrance. And its vitamin-infused formulation works to boost cell renewal for better health and less age spots. Transform washing your hands into a healing ritual every day!

Rose: Rose can make skin feel supple and hydrated.


Keep hands bacteria-free

This Hand Wash is the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep their hands free of harmful bacteria. It removes up to 99.9% of common germs within as little as fifteen seconds, this natural and chemical-free formula is also gentle enough on your skin that it won’t cause dryness or discomfort while ensuring you stay healthy. What's more, its soft texture will make it a pleasure to use each time!


Drench Your Skin. 

Enriched with moisturizers, gentle cleansers, and Vitamin E to help nourish skin on a daily basis. Additionally, the amino acids contained within this product aid in restoring moisture balance of your skin while the Rose extract calms and soothes for a soft and silky feel making you look refreshed after every use. Embrace healthy looking skin with this multi-benefit formula today!


Pure and Natural Love!

This gentle hand wash is perfect for those looking to make their skin feel soft and supple while also uplifting their senses. It is paraben-free, hypoallergenic and contains no toxic ingredients, making it ideal for even the most sensitive of skin. In addition to this, its exclusive formula also includes Rose Extract as well as Pink Salt to calm your skin whilst nourishing it with natural minerals. With Nature and Love’s Hand Wash you can love yourself wherever you go!


Wash with Care!

  1. Wet your hands.
  2. Apply soap; wash thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Scrub palms together
  4. Hand to Hand
  5. In between your finger
  6. Nails and back too!
  7. Get your hands rinsed and dry with a single-use towel.

See What People Are Saying!

Syed Hasnain Raza


Eco-friendly hand wash Best hand-wash after long time!!! Good for hands. I dont get all dried or itchy after using this hand wash!!! Good scent makes it feel great!!!

Rahema Nadeem


So soothing! This scent smells great and is long lasting! I find myself texting and can still smell my hands! It's a nice calming scent I can enjoy throughout the day.

Farhan Akhter


Nice light scent This Nature & Love hand wash is my new favorite. Working with babies and young children, I am constantly washing my hands. I actually look forward to washing my hands more now! This liquid hand soap contains rose extracts. The fragrance is really calming. It leaves my hands clean, soft, and smooth.

Abdul Razaq


Luxury!! I just received my pack of 3 WBM nature & love hand soaps. After trying ...WOW..so nice. And the packaging was amazing!!! Thank You so much!!! These soaps are much larger than I expected. Also their fast shipping service is really amazing!!

Yanhaa Irshad


Rose scent is really fascinating!! This rose soap is my absolute favorite! It's perfect for those with sensitive skin like me. The smell is light and floral, and the texture is smooth and luxurious. I love that it's gentle on my skin and doesn't dry it out. The packaging makes it perfect for gifts too - it looks so elegant! I highly recommend this soap to anyone looking for something special to pamper themselves with.

majid hameed


Great aroma This soap arrived today in a high quality box. The soap itself has a lovely fragrance, lathers nicely and leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth. I am really happy with my purchase and will order again!

Amna Palwasha


Very moisturizing I really like this hand soap! The rose extracts smells great! Its not greasy or sticky. It doesn't have any harsh chemicals, but its a natural disinfectant. This leaves my hands feeling clean and soft!

Afaq Ali


Great value for money! I am really happy with this product. I've been using it for about 1 month now, so have my kids and husband and were all happy with this. It is bigger than the average hand soap so I won't have to replace it as often.

Anaya Zainab


Pleasant floral scent This liquid soap has a nice thickness and is thick enough to not run off the hands easily. This liquid hand soap produces sufficient amount of lather and a fairly small amount does the job done. Also it didn’t cause any dryness or irritations to my hands.

Yasir Jalal


Best Soap ever!! Perfect for sensitive hands, works great and smells amazing. Love This soap. Recommend for all households.