WBM Care Facial Tissue Medium Lavender 2 Ply - (200 Sheets)

WBM Care Sold by WBM

Rs:599 - Rs:40,250 /Pcs
(5998 available)
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Reviews & Ratings

4.75 out of 5.0
(12 reviews)
  • Siyam Sohail


    Great quality facial tissue, the size is perfect and it meets the daily usage effectively. Highly recommended over other brands.

  • Taha Nadeem


    The quality of the tissues is good for the price, and the delivery was prompt. The fragrance is also pleasant and not overpowering, which I appreciate. Overall, I like this product.

  • Umar Farooq


    Great quality product from a reputable brand. The packaging was excellent and held up well during the delivery without any damage.

  • Natural Wood Pulp: WBM Care tissue papers are created with 100% natural wood pulp
  • Soft and Gentle: Cotton fabric is used to make tissues, which gives them an unrivaled softness
  • Highly Absorbing: Each facial tissue is made up of two layers of high-quality absorbent material. These tissues are extremely soft and durable
  • Long-Lasting: Tissues are washable and long-lasting, with added softness and flexibility
  • Availability: Tissue Papers are available in 4 Different Variants, including rose, lavender, tea tree and with no-fragrance
  • Customer Satisfaction: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.


Luxury in One Tissue!

A quality product with no compromise on comfort, WBM Care Facial Tissue is a luxurious experience for the senses. Made from 100% wood pulp, this facial tissue soothes and refreshes your skin with strong fibers and high absorbency, it’s not just quick-drying but luxuriously gentle as well. Plus, the subtle lavender scent will make you feel fresh after every puff. Nothing soothes a sore, stuffy nose other than the Facial Tissue Paper which is suitable for tender skin for a softer feel. 


Feel the Softness. 

Rely on WBM Care Facial Tissues to treat your skin with gentle care while maintaining its strength. With 100% wood pulp fibers that have strong fiber content and are biodegradable too - ensuring that you feel good every time you use it. This Nature Caring Tissue – is unbleached, and sustainable, perfect for your daily skincare routine. Enjoy the luxurious touch of plant-based facial tissues! 


Soft & Gentle Care! 

Designed with a 2-layered thickness, these facial tissues make the softest tissues, thick with strong sheets, allowing for maximum comfort and reliability. With WBM Care, you know you'll be pampered from top to bottom with every use! Our premium tissue ensures every comforting nose bump leaves your skin feeling supple and cared for. Soft, Strong with Lavender Scent at the Same Time!


Natural, Safe Tissues! 

Choosing natural tissues contributes to a healthier, safer environment – both for you and your family. Completely free from harsh chemicals, fluorescent agents, and dyes! You are rest assured to maintain the natural softness of hypoallergenic 100% wood fibers — a necessity for sensitive skin types.


Breathe in Lavender. 

Feel fresh and comforted with Lavender-Scented Facial Tissues! The natural scent of lavender produces a gentle scent that lingers, so you can breathe it in every time. The calming aroma relieves anxiety, promotes restful sleep, and boosts your overall mood. Perfect to keep at home or take on the go, treat yourself to some peaceful serenity today! 


Wipe Away Your Worries! 

Lavender Facial Tissue is the perfect all-purpose tissue for whatever life throws your way. Keep you clean and presentable with one of these luxurious, soft tissues to remove makeup and wipe sweat from your brow or quickly catch a sneeze. Whether it's cold & flu season or simply sunny & bright outside, this facial tissue paper does it all! 

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