WBM Care Extra Moisturizng Body Lotion with Milk And Coconut - 300ml | 6 Pack

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  • RESTORE YOUR SKIN: WBM Care Body Lotion is made to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth
  • NATURAL COMPOSITION: Excluding the harsh chemicals, the Body Moisturizer is infused with natural ingredients including Himalayan pink salt and nourishing botanical extracts
  • DEEP CONDITIONING & NOURISHMENT: The Hydrating Body Lotion immediately absorbs into your skin while providing it an overall healthy glow
  • NON-GREASY/NON-STICKY: The lightweight and super-absorbent texture of Lotion feels comfortable on the skin and lets the skin breathe naturally
  • VARIANTS: The product is available in 4 natural variations each having its benefits including Rose & Avocado, Lavender & Almond, Milk & Coconut, and Olive Oil & Shea Butter
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.


For Beautiful Skin

WBM Care Milk & Coconut Body Lotion with Himalayan Pink Salt is ideal for daily use. The extra moisturizing lotion swiftly seeps into dry, sensitive skin to hydrate it. The body lotion hydrates and nourishes the skin. It also helps in repairing the skin, resulting in softer, smoother, and healthier skin. The Lotion is also effective on skin that is dry and rough. 


Smooth and supple!

Body lotions are expertly prepared by skincare specialists. Good for people with sensitive skin, for all age groups. It is effective for skin that is dry and damaged. The body lotion contains Himalayan Pink Salt which provides the skin with essential nutrition. The Lotion is lovingly made by the nature.

Free of phthalates, aloe, parabens, and other potentially irritating ingredients like fragrance


Results that are seen with just one use

The Body lotion contains a unique composition of Glycerin, Shea Butter, and Coconut oil. The body lotion also has Himalayan Pink Salt in it. Since pink salt has healing characteristics, it is added to the body lotion to give it the unique ability to repair cracked and seriously injured skin. It is an all-natural product, thus it is free of dangerous ingredients. 


Show off your beauty

With this quickly absorbing, rich and creamy, tropical body lotion, hydrate dry skin and transport your senses to a tropical gateway. This mixture which contains coconut oil and milk replenishes the skin’s vital moisture. The non-greasy composition immediately absorbs, leaving skin smooth and smelling wonderful. This body lotion is ideal for skin that needs the most hydration possible. With a carefully created combination that entices your senses with exotic, tropical scents while helping to give you more moisture. 


Hydrates, Calms, & Softens

The ingredients in the WBM Care Body lotion give it a unique quality of ultra-conditioning and extremely moisturizing. These nutrients guarantee that the skin on our body remains nourishes, healthy, and hydrated.  It also contains Shea Butter that helps to prevent harm from pollutants while moisturizing and nourishing skin to keep it soft and supple. It also helps to relax and soothe dry, irritated skin. You emerge with an oil-free, radiant radiance. 


Lovely Skin, Lovely You

All skin types can be soothed, moisturized, and healed using WBM Care products. The issue of dryness gets worse when the weather changes. Also connected to it are varying skin issues. The best body lotion for dry weather is WBM Care with Milk & Coconut, which also protects your skin from dryness. This body lotion can nourish and hydrate the skin, which is also becoming dryer as the weather gets drier. 

See What People Are Saying!

Kulsoom Fahim


Best unscented lotion for face and body I've ever used. I've been using this lotion for a long time. It hydrates well and doesn't have any aroma, which I appreciate.



Best body lotion! My go-to body lotion is now this. Excellently hydrating, swiftly absorbing, and non-sticky or greasy. I appreciate the good ingredients and the lack of aroma!

Kiran Faheem


"Only body lotion I need I absolutely love this body lotion! It absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and pampered. The scent is light and refreshing without being overpowering. I also appreciate that it's free of harsh chemicals, making it very gentle on my skin. I use it every day and love that I don't have to worry about irritation or dryness. Highly recommend this product! "

Salman Bhatti


"Great product I've been using this product for years and it's one of the best moisturizers I've tried. It does a great job of keeping my skin hydrated and soft, and the bottle lasts for a long time. I like that it's fragrance free so I don't have to worry about any extra ingredients that may irritate my skin. The consistency is creamy and smooth, making it easy to apply. This is definitely the moisturizer I trust to keep my skin looking healthy!"

Saima Gull


Great moisturizer I have been using this product for years and couldn't be happier. It has a very creamy texture that hydrates my skin without causing any irritation. I love how it sinks into my skin and leaves it feeling soft and hydrated all day. The product really helps to keep my sensitive skin healthy and looking its best. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable, hydrating moisturizer.

Muhammad Ibrahim


Good stuff This lotion is great. It has fewer ingredients than many others and is incredibly moisturising.

Bhatti Nadeem


"Great lotion! Excellent for dry skin, I love the lotion. It lasts all day, unlike other lotions that made me feel dry after a few hours."

Ali Asghar Lakdawala


Great daily moisturizer I recently tried this unscented, effective moisturizer with no harsh chemicals and I'm impressed! It absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I also love that it is free of harsh chemicals, so it's gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. My skin feels softer and more hydrated after using this moisturizer. Plus, it works well under makeup too.

Depaal Morend Kumar


Love this lotion, goes on easy and not greasy I recently purchased this lotion and am so pleased with the results. It goes on very smoothly, not greasy or sticky, and moisturizes my skin wonderfully. It absorbs quickly and provides long-lasting hydration. The scent is pleasant but not overpowering. I highly recommend this product, especially if you're looking for a non-greasy lotion that works well.

Sanaa Aly


Best unscented natural lotion The best natural and unscented lotion is this one! My sensitivity to fragrances is really high, but this lotion is completely odourless. I love this item!