WBM Care Bamboo Facial Tissue Paper 3 Ply - 150 Sheets

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  • Bamboo Facial Tissues: Soft Bamboo facial tissues are a must-have. Tissues can be used as makeup removal wipes; they have less tissue dust than conventional tissue papers
  • Environmental Friendly: Every day, 27,000 trees are cut to make conventional paper tissue. To reduce deforestation and carbon emissions, we constructed each tissue cube out of fast-growing bamboo
  • Suitable for all Skin Types: Facial tissues are suitable for the entire family. There are no harsh chemicals, only a natural, plant-based composition that is suitable for all skin types
  • Facial Tissues: WBM Care Bamboo Tissue Paper is ideal for rinsing, as it is soft and mild on the skin
  • Customer Satisfaction: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.


Naturally Caring Comfort. 

A thoughtful way to show your skin some love! With the WBM Care Bamboo Facial Tissues made with 100% natural bamboo fibers are the softest and the most comfortable solution to everyday cleanliness. Using these bamboo tissues, you will get a moisturized feel without any harsh chemicals or fragrances while providing you an elevated softness leaving you refreshed! 

What Do Our Bamboo Tissues Hold? 

  • Plant-Based with 100% Bamboo Pulp 
  • Soft & Absorbent 
  • Free from Dyes or Fluorescent-agent 
  • 3 Ply Thickness 


Bamboo Softness Awaits. 

Having facial tissues that are responsibly made is important and with our bamboo tissue paper, you get to enjoy the touch of luxury! Because they are plant-based, these tissue papers are 100% natural bamboo pulp and biodegradable too - so you can feel good about this product every time you use it. This Nature Caring Tissue – is unbleached, and sustainable, making it the perfect choice for your daily skincare routine.


Luxuriously Soft Tissue Papers. 

Experience softness and strength like never before! Bamboo tissues are specially designed to be thick with high absorbency providing you the confidence to tackle all messes with ease. Put your trust in WBM Care Bamboo Tissue Papers to get a deep cleansing experience that leaves your skin remains feeling silky-smooth and ultra-comfortable. Soft, and Strong at the Same Time! 


Natural, Safe Tissues! 

Choosing natural tissues contributes to a healthier, safer environment – both for you and your family. Completely free from harsh chemicals, fluorescent agents, and dyes! You can rest assured that they will maintain the natural softness of hypoallergenic bamboo fibers — a necessity for sensitive skin types.


Wipe Away Your Worries! 

Bamboo Facial Tissue is the perfect all-purpose tissue for whatever life throws your way. Keep you clean and presentable with one of these luxurious, soft tissues to remove makeup and wipe sweat from your brow or quickly catch a sneeze. Whether it's cold & flu season or simply sunny & bright outside, this bamboo facial tissue does it all!


Feel the Bamboo Vibe! 

Go for soft and sustainable choices! Upgrade your home choices to Bamboo Now. Use Bamboo Tissues by WBM Care to save mother earth for yourself and the future generation. Let’s join hands together, so we can ‘Save Trees, Save Life’!

See What People Are Saying!

Syed Farhan Ali


I have read the reviews before purchasing these tissues. When my order came with only one box of tissues, I thought the tissue is good. After using this I am also a fan of this tissue that it made of high quality.

Moneeb Asghar


I like the product a lot. Better than other tissues. The packaging is good. These are a little smaller than what I’m used to but overall they are a great buy. Don’t feel scratchy and can handle a hard blow. I want to buy this WBM bamboo tissue again.

Naveed Hussain


The product is great... I was EXTREMELY satisfied that it was packed in bubble wrap. This tissue is earth friendly. They are saving trees and use bamboo to make tissues. I use this tissue for my face and for as makeup removal wipes.



It’s good. it holds up against some heavy sneezes, coughs and loaded nose blows. I just bought due to its material. This tissue came in a nice packing that it protect my product, though. . Still good value for money. Bamboo isn't cheap. I recommend this.

Afroz Talpur


I like these tissues because they are the right size for a blow or two. One doesn't have to feel bad for throwing away a partially "used" tissue. My roommate doesn't like them though! The tissues aren't as soft as toilet paper, but softer than paper towels!

Ajmal Nabi


The product is described as a very good tissue. When I receive this pack I am not sure that I use it or not but I think It need to try. When I use this tissue I am amazed that is tissue is so soft and more absorbent. From that time I will only use this WBM bamboo tissue.

Ambreen zaidi


These tissues are absorbent and strong and don't fall apart when blowing your nose. However they are small. This tissue is made of bamboo. Same as that which I see in the image. I receive delivery very fast.

Toheed ahmad dar


These work just as well as any other quality brand. However, I love this bamboo tissue for my face. I use this tissue to remove my makeup. Our whole family use this tissue for our daily use. We are glad to use this tissue and thanks to WBM for deliver quality product.

Maria khan


Love that these are durable, soft and sustainable and a good amount of tissues, and in sustainable packaging! Of course, I purchased a bamboo tissue box to use it my daily life without any tension that it create any allergy or any effect on my skin.

Sana Aamir


I'm trying to find bamboo products for daily use so I am happy when I found this tissue paper. It does what it's supposed to do. It is softer and more absorbent than most toilet papers I have tried. These WBM care tissue is more soft and made of natural bamboo material.