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  • FRAGRANCE-FREE: WBM Rat Glue Trap is a non-scented, high-stickiness product that is safe and ready to use
  • GLUE TRAP: Glue Trap is effective against rats as well as a range of insects such as cockroaches, spiders, and mice
  • NON-POISONOUS: Rat Glue Trap is non-toxic, safe, sanitized, and ready to use, making life easier for you
  • USAGE: The trap is simple to set up and may be placed in confined spaces as well as open regions
  • EASY-TO-USE: With efficient packaging, the rat glue trap is user, environmental, and travel friendly
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


Keeping your life comfortable!

With W Home Rat Glue Trap, rats can be effectively controlled without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our adhesive formulation strikes the ideal combination between quick grip and stretchability. Effectively captures rodents, pests, and rats. The glue trap can catch spiders, roaches, and even scorpions. Traps are easy to set up and can be placed in confined areas such as garages, basements, utility stores, entrances, and anywhere where mice like to hide.


  • With Strong Strength Adhesive
  • Non-toxic and secure for your family and home
  • This product is prepared for use, so additional baiting is not required.
  • Effective in humid or wet conditions


Deriving all pests away!

Rat Glue Trap folding design draws in and safely captures rats, snakes, mice, and insects. The traps some pre-baited for your convenience and are easy to set up. The adaptability of this trap makes it stand out from the rest of the market. The trap can be folded to fit practically anywhere! The long-lasting glue will hold them there once they have been caught in the trap until you are ready to get rid of it. 


Place on floors and around baseboards where rats have been spotted. Traps are ideal for moist or damp spaces, including basements or behind sinks. Store in a dry, cold environment. Keep dust from the sticky surface. Keep children and pets out of reach. Use some oil to wipe or wash any body parts that stick to the adhesive away.


  • To neatly fit in the region where rat activity has been noticed, place the trap there flat or fold it into a specific shape.
  • If necessary, cut the trap in half by tearing it along the perforated edge.
  • Place the trap away from areas where birds or other non-target animals might come into contact with the adhesive.
  • Check the glue trap every day to see if anything has been trapped. The trap and everything inside should then be thrown out with the trash.

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See What People Are Saying!

Raza Ali


I have rats that came down through my chimney. I could hear some chewing through one of the stone vents so I thought one was stuck but when I went to my family room this morning I startled one out of its hiding place. I put a couple in the likely escape routes where I would herd it and it ran right into it.

M. Mohsin


Works like a charm, I already caught 4 mouse with this trap, totally recommended it, if you have pets make sure they don’t step on them is a bit of a problem to remove it.

Irfan Ismat Arain


This week I came home and noticed a little hole in bread I left in my counter, alongside some little droppings. I wasn’t sure it was a mouse but decided to buy a trap. I placed by the stove in the morning, and when I got home from work the unwanted guest was there. It really works

Akhtar Afridi


Caught the mouse in my closet. Just placed it on the floor underneath the door overnight. The next day, it was stuck to this trap. My father thought we had to take the mouse off the trap for whatever reason

Abdul Mannan


We bought this product after trying to catch a mouse with snap traps for 6+ weeks. Our mouse definitely knew what the snap traps were and avoided them. We set out the glue traps in places we had seen the mouse run. It took 4 days to buy the glue trap and finally caught the mouse! That mouse wasn't going anywhere