WBM Home Insect Garden Glue Trap

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  • INSECT GLUE TRAPS: WBM Home Insect trap attract all species of insects, including mosquitoes, gnats, fruit/fungus flies, leaf miners, thrips, and midges, they are attracted to the yellow color of Glue Trap
  • USAGE: It's best to apply it outside or in areas where there are a lot of insects
  • SUPERIOR: Insect Glue Traps contain a powerful adhesive that gives excellent grip
  • NON-TOXIC: There are no baiting, aroma, or fumes in the trap, and it is non-toxic
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers

See What People Are Saying!

S Usman


This product has worked great so far! As nasty as the reason for needing them (I hate bugs in my house as I’m sure everyone else does) they have done their job quite well!

Nabil Fazal


These are great. I have tried multiple products to protect my herbs from small winged pests. These are the best solution I have tried so far. Effective and easy to use. And you get fast visual confirmation that they're working

Sonia Qasim


Work just like they should. Easy to use just peeling the paper and put them in the soil. I have been able to trap several gnats in my house plants.



Easy to use and work great for fungus gnats. Instantly caught gnats once installed. No mess or hassle installing just peel off the white covers on both sides and stick into the soil.

Rana Shayan


I had pesty fungus gnats and flies all around my yard and NOTHING would get rid of them, even pesticides, even traps. I didn't think these sticky traps would work but they really did!

Dr Sana Khan


Had some fungus gnats come in with a batch of soil and went out of town for a couple of days to come back to an infestation! These traps come with plastic paddles that you can put the adhesive on, and holes at the top so they are easy to hang. They caught hundreds of gnats for me, and, after repotting all my plants (ugh!) I've finally gotten rid of most of them!

Abu Bakar Saddiq


Easy to use and works well. I use it to control fungus gnats. Stays sticky for a long time. Seriously it will stick to anything. Have bought again and will do when needed.

Aman Tahir


Happy that this item has worked better than i thought it would. Recommended by some fluke, this thing actually worked!

Naveed Shahzad


This is a great product. It got rid of the gnats on my houseplants (and in my house) in just a few hours. They have to be super sticky to grab those pesky flying bugs. So get them. I can't tell you how much more I enjoy my house without those thing flying in front of my computer screen or around my nose.

Amna Bibi


Easy to use and serves its purpose. They have already collected many bugs.