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  • MOSQUITO REPELLENT MAT: Mosquitoes and other biting insects are effectively killed by the WBM Home Electrical Mosquito Repellent Mat. Organic essential oil is used to make this product
  • PLEASANT SCENT REPELLENT MAT: Mosquito repellent mat has a pleasant aroma and ensures you spend quality time with your family in a peaceful environment free of mosquitoes
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The components in this electrical mosquito repellent mat, such as Muperfluthrin and Parllethrin, have a 10-hour duration
  • STORAGE: Mosquito repellent mats should be stored away from heat, sunlight, and ignition in a dry location. It has no effect on food or water
  • 30 PCS MOSQUITO REPELLENT MAT: The insect repellent mat comes in a 30-piece package and can last up to 45 days. It has a non-toxic formula and is really effective
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers

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See What People Are Saying!

Syed Ahmed Ali


Awesome really helps keep the mosquitoes away from your babies. I plug into my little baby room and am safe from mosquitoes.

Imran Bashir


Works well. I don’t like mosquitoes. With the help of a mosquito repellent mat I can sleep and away from mosquitoes. The customer service from WBM mosquito repellent mat is great as well.

Dr-Mahwish Mir Abbasi


Great product, I accidentally bought 2 packs of mosquito repellent mat. I use one for my baby's room and the other for me. These are the ones that I needed. They're perfect for repelling mosquitos.

Sidra saleem


Product arrived on time as expected. I've the mosquito repellent mat for my room. It repel the mosquitoes form my room. Great product, highly recommend for anybody who hates mosquitoes

Ayesha Habib


We have tons of flies this time of the year and these things really do work. I have tried all sorts of bug zappers that never work and this is the first thing that I can say makes a difference. It repels all the bugs like flies and mosquitoes.

Sheraz Qureshi


This is the only product that works when I'm sitting on my room or home. I don't have to spray my skin with any bug repellent as long as I have the mosquito repellent mat near me. You don't have to worry about any smoke or fire. Just plug into the socket and it will work.

WBM (Head Office Orders)


A product that actually works. I use this mosquito mat in my home and repel the mosquitoes. Ever. All work as claimed and share same components making it extremely easy to use. Bug free from the night river to deep woods. Wish I would have gotten them earlier than a year ago.

Naveed Naqvi


It does a really good job keeping the bugs away in calm weather. It does take a little bit to start working. We use it our room or close to bed. It packs super small and does well in the think buggy mess. It does work best when places on the room and keep the mosquitoes repel from room

Mazhar Bilal


This product is amazing! Keeps the mosquitos under control. I use this mosquito mat for my room. It will work effectively and repel the mosquitoes.

Muqadas Aziz


Very easy to use and has great value for money. Just insert mosquito mat and plug into the socket. It will work very fast and your room free from mosquitoes.