W Home Aphid Glue Trap

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  • APHID GLUE TRAPS: W Home Aphid Glue Traps attract and kill aphids due to their yellow hue
  • EFFECTIVE AGAINST APHIDS: Kill Greenfly, Black fly, Whitefly, Thrips, and Midges are all pests
  • STRONG ADHESIVE: Aphid Glue Traps have a powerful adhesive that provides excellent grip
  • NON-TOXIC: The trap is non-toxic and does not have a scent
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers

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See What People Are Saying!

Ambreen zaidi


These sheets are excellent for catching flies, from the small fruit flies to the large house flies. The adhesive is very strong, and it seems to have a scent that attracts fruit flies.

Hashim Ayaz Khan


I put these out near my veggie garden and patio. They are catching the fungus gnats and mosquitoes. The next day they are full of them. Satisfied with this product.

Kanwal Ahmed


My plants were getting destroyed by insect’s esp. the white fly. After I started using these sticky yellow traps I realized great improvement. Insects and flies get easily trapped.

Ali Asad


These sticky hangers are the best; I use them in my house plants & my raised garden bed for flying pest! I recommend this W Home Aphid Glue Trap.

Zubair Khalid


They are very easy to use and the adhesive is so strong it catches so many tiny bugs in each of the pots. I grow plant indoors and would never know there were even that many bugs to be trapped!!



My house was like a zoo of flies; they were everywhere and were quite aggressive too. I have tried different way but they were no help. Until my friend recommended me this W Home Aphid Glue Trap. I used it for just a few days; it caught so many flies.

Sana Latif


I never realized how many of those tiny little 'flies' were on my plants until I started using this product. Within just a few days, these sticky traps had so many of those flies that it was disgusted! But now my plans are all bug free! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

Anis Rehman


These are easy to use and they’re effective. I used them for a white fly infestation and they worked. I will say you will not remove an entire infestation by using this and help you manage insect problems.

Amir Zahoor khan


I used these to catch fungus gnats that had infested a few of my plants. I cut them up into smaller squares & caught so many gnats!

Hassan Ahmad


I had a fruit fly issue in the house. They started because I threw a peach pit into the trash can. After getting rid of them from the house, I put one of these traps on the inside of my trash can lid to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Worked great! Caught a couple of the nasty bugs and have not had a problem since.