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  • 100% NATURAL SEEDS: Himalayan Chef Sesame seeds are ethically sourced from the fertile lands of the Himalayas. These lands are harvested with natural compounds that boost good nutrition in food.
  • HIGH In PROTEIN: These Himalayan Chef Sesame seeds are a great source of protein. Hence, it is widely used in vegan food recipes. In addition, it is a good choice for those people who do not like kosher-certified food. Hence, these seeds can nourish the body by meeting its meat requirement.
  • MAY HELP IN HORMONE BALANCE: These seeds are the best source of zinc that can boost progesterone secretion in the body. Hence, it is an ideal choice of seeds to maintain hormonal imbalance in your body.
  • CULINARY USE: These seeds are also used in many recipes like in different fresh drinks, or sprinkled over baking items for a presentable appearance.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customer Satisfaction is the priority listed on top of our core values. That is why always delivers the highest quality. In case, if consumers are not satisfied then we are also ready to give 100% money-back guaranteed.

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