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Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Broken Rice is intentionally broken during the milling of Long Grain Super Kernel Basmati Rice and is carefully packed to use for other culinary use. It carries all the qualities of Super Kernel Rice as there is no difference in the nutritional value of Long Grain and Broken Basmati Rice.

The Percentage Daily Value indicates how much a nutrient contributes to a daily diet in a portion of food. The standard nutrition advice is 2000 kcal per day.


½ cup of Supreme Aged Super Kernel Basmati Rice add enough amount of energy & fiber to your Daily Dietary Recommendations. Also best for your tummy.


Supreme Aged Super Kernel Basmati Broken Rice is used in sweet dishes like Kheer. Broken Rice is also used in several dishes side dishes and provides excellent nutrition.


All products of Himalayan Chef have received high-level International Certifications in their respective categories as the primary qualifying standard for every product is certification.


  • Soak the Himalayan Chef Broken Rice for 20-30 minutes.
  • Boil the milk and rice in a deep pan.
  • In a deep pan add 1/4 cup of water. It prevents the kheer from scorching to the bottom.  Gradually add the milk until it boils.
  • After boiling the milk, add rice and keep stirring until the rice becomes mushy and soft. 
  • Now add the Himalayan Chef Jaggery powder according to your dietary preference. 
  • Cook until the Kheer is thick.
  • Add Himalayan Chef Mix Dry Fruits and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Serve it cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is there any nutritional difference between Long Grain Super Kernel Basmati Rice and Broken Basmati Rice?

No, there is no difference in the nutritional value of Long Grain Super Kernel Basmati Rice and Broken Basmati Rice. Both have the same nutritional value.

Q2: Is Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Broken Rice gluten-free?

Yes, Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Broken Rice is gluten-free, making it a great option for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Q3: How is Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Broken Rice processed and packaged?

Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Broken Rice is processed and packaged in a hygienic manner to maintain its freshness and quality. The rice is soft and non-sticky and retains its length even after cooking.

Q4: How should I store Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Broken Rice?

Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Broken Rice should be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight container to maintain its freshness and flavor.

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Bushra Zain


Absolutely Perfect!! This is my first online order and I am so glad to receive the rice in very fine packing. Also quite happy with the quality of product. It is much better than any other brand at same cost. The rice is clean with heart touching aroma. Best rice for simple cooking, vegetable pulao or briyani. In my opinion this is best brand rice and I must buy again and again.

Afshan khan


My Family loves it My husband and kids love these rice. There are lot of dishes that I make with the himalayan chef broken rice and all of the dishes turns out to be delicious. Great rice indeed!

Hiba Mahamadi


Good Quality and Fast Delivery This rice is exceptional and the service from the seller is very quick. Highly Recommend it!

Roseline Shehzad


Good Affordable Rice I ordered it second time as I am very much satisfied with the quality and price of this rice. There’s a lot of servings in this 2 lb bag, and the zipper pouch is just amazing for keeping the rice from spilling out everywhere. Great for a lot of dishes.



As Expected!! I am really very satisfied with this broken rice. It's price is very reasonable. I am really very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended friends and family. I really appreciate it's fast delivery service.

Jawad Ali


My All Time Favourite Rice Good basmati rice for daily use on reasonable price. My family can’t go by a day without rice and this basmati rice works well. These are very puffy and refreshing scented rice. These rice is perfect for biryani and pulao. The packing is also fine

Amna Usman


Great Taste, Easy To Make This rice is just amazing!! Easy to make. Flavor is good and it’s a great value for the price!

Daniyal Arshad


Great Test and Texture This is my favorite rice now! Following the directions on the bag, it cooks perfectly. Also does well in my rice cooker. Great texture, incredible flavor!!

Naeem John


Fluffy And Flavourful Everyone in my family loves Desi food and I mostly cook biryani every week, So I always stock up on basmati rice for making biriyani, pulao and other types of variety rice.

Amna Tarik


Rice Worth The Price!! This is the best basmati rice I have yet found. Always cooks up nicely separate, never sticky and the price definitely fits my budget.