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  • PERFECT BLEND: Himalayan Chef Sugar Control Atta is a blend of Wheat, Sorghum, Bengal Gram, Maize, Soybean, and Green Gram. These grains are mixed in specific proportions.
  • EXTREMELY LOW GLYCEMIC LOAD: Sugar Control Atta is composed of a specific proportion of multigrain to low its glycemic index at a minimal level. It can reduce the glycemic index in a person’s diet to large extent.
  • HIGH PROTEIN: Protein is an essential nutrient for diabetic people. It gives strength to muscles and bones. Himalayan Chef Sugar Control Flour has more protein content than regular wheat flour.
  • HEALTHY FAT HIGH FIBER: It is a perfect blend of unsaturated fats and fiber. It tastes delicious and aids with appetite control as well as diabetic management.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Excess carbohydrate consumption causes Insulin Resistance Syndrome, which is the primary cause of weight gain. Our Sugar Control Atta is incredibly low in carbohydrates, it aids in weight loss as well as blood sugar management.
  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Biodegradable craft material is used to pack Sugar Control Atta. It is resealable, making it simple to use, and it protects the Atta from moisture and other pollutants.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is the most important factor to us. We provide our customers with 100% pure products with a money-back guarantee. Our products have received certifications in the United States, China, and Pakistan.

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