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Grocery Spices Package - Pack of 8

Himalayan Chef Grocery Spices Package has a variety of spices that provide the best quality and freshness in every pinch. Each spice, from the Garam Masala to the Red Chili Powder, enhances the flavor of your food. We guarantee that our spices and seasonings are 100% pure and natural, preserving all of their nutrients to feed your body while pleasing your taste senses. Also, our resealable packaging keeps each spice fresh until it reaches your kitchen. This has made us the standard for excellent packaging. Our spices are rich in antioxidants and essential minerals that promote well-being. During Ramadan, the Grocery Spices Package Hamper is important for adding amazing flavor to your suhoor and iftar meals, making them even more delicious. Join us in the world of spices, where we select every ingredient to enhance your health.

Spices List



Pink Salt


Turmeric Powder


Garam Masala (Whole)


Red Chilli Powder


Fruit Chaat Masala


Dahi Baray Masala


Biryani Masala


Coriander (Whole)


Key Features Of Grocery Spices Bundle

  • Premium Quality Products

  • 100% Pure & Natural

  • No Added Chemicals

  • Adulteration Free

  • Budget-Friendly

  • Supreme Flavors & Textures

  • Freshly Packed

  • Convenient Home Delivery

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Buy our Grocery Spices Package online, which includes premium spices and a money-back guarantee! Enjoy the convenience of purchasing from home and doorstep delivery. Each spice in our Rashan Hamper has high quality and flavor, guaranteeing that your recipes are packed with the finest ingredients. Our money-back guarantee allows you to shop with trust, knowing that your happiness is guaranteed.