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  • ALL NATURAL: Himalayan Chef Pista comes from a rich land. It is completely natural, fresh, and chemical-free.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS: Himalayan Chef Pistachio is rich in antioxidants. Due to its high quantities of antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin E, fresh pistachios offer anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • MAY REDUCE WEIGHT: Pistachios contains high amount of proteins and fibers. In addition, fibers promote the metabolism of body, which assists in weight loss.
  • TASTE TEXTURE: The flavor of Pistachio is slightly sweet, earthy, and somewhat creamy, similar to milk. It is smooth in texture.
  • MONO-SATURATED FATS: Mono-saturated fatty acids found in pistachios aid to reduce inflammation. They can help with internal inflammation, especially in the case of heart problems.
  • IMPROVE VISION: Pistachios are abundant in micronutrients that are good for your vision. The antioxidants of human retina, lutein and zeaxanthin are present in it.
  • AVAILABLE PACKAGING: Pistachios are available in craft and jar packaging. Craft packaging is biodegradable. Jar is recycle and reusable.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If Himalayan Chef Pista does not meet your expectations, please let us know, and we will grant a complete refund or replacement. Our product is certified as Vegan, Non-GMO, Halal, and Kosher.

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